Stigbjorns staff application

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In-game name(s):

 21st ARC COLStigbjorn / Jedi Senior Knight Stigbjorn

Steam Name:

 Stigbjorn McCokkinner ♿

Steam ID: (


Age when applying:


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone:

 Australia AEST

Can you speak and type English fluently:

 Yes I can

Current total game-time on the server (type !time):

 1mo 2d 8h 41m

IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on CWRP:

 21st ARC COL / Jedi Senior Knight - Platinum VIP

Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak:

 Yes I do

When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since:

I joined the server on the  the 9th of April 2021 I have only taken LOA/ROAs if I have needed to

How often do you use our TeamSpeak 3 server, CWRP Discord and our forums:

 I use TeamSpeak and discord very often but forums every now and then

State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link). Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. (Type !time then open warns menu, and drag the menu so chat is visible with the time): if the link does not work I am willing to show my warns and time in game or anyway possible 

State the role of staff on the server:

 A staff member is a person that is there for the community when they are needed whether it is an In character problem or out of character they are there when needed. They are needed to keep the server in check when rules are broken

Have you read the server rules and are you familiar with them?

 yes I have a very fair understanding of the server rules

List of all previous server staff experience:


Do /you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?:

 yes I completely understand


Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:


1 ) You are told by a Player that somebody is randomly killing other clones:

 I would first talk to the person that made the claim to check the story I would then ask if he was able to get a clip of it then I would check the logs to see if the person he mentioned did actually RDM after collecting all the evidence I need I would punish the person accordingly.

2 ) You are asked by a Cadet to be trained using the @ function:

 I would first TP to the cadet then explain that a person that is able to train him is possibly on the way and after a while of a cadet trainer not showing up I would ask in OOC if someone wants to volunteer to train the cadet before I TP someone and if no one volunteers I would TP a random NCO 

3 ) During a debrief, a CT accidently shoots someone, whilst trying to safety their weapon:

 I would do nothing because first of all it is an accident and second of all it is a in game problem and CG / Batt could be able to deal with him accordingly 

4 ) A CT #### doesn't salute you, despite you being a rank higher than 2nd LT:

 To be honest I would not really care and I would not take any action with him cause it doesn't really involve staff but I would remind him to salute only to 2nd LT and above

5 ) Someone commits Fail RP, but claims that the specific instance of Fail RP is not explicitly stated within the server rules:

I would explain to them that just because it is not stated in the rules what they are doing is wrong and I would explain what they did wrong and i would punish them accordingly

6 ) You bring a player into a sit and punish them accordingly, however they do not agree with your punishment and keep on arguing:

I would tell them what they did wrong and how they did it wrong but if they continue to argue i would tell them to go to the forums and submit a formal complaint

Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team and your strongest assets as a person/potential staff member (250+ words):

The reason I deserve staff is because I am a very active member even knowing I live in Australia and I would like to help the server as much as I can. Because being on the server is something I really enjoy and I love meeting new people on the server and I like to dedicate my time to helping people out whenever I can. Even knowing I have been here since April I have a fair understanding of how being a staff works and how being a staff operate (might not be the correct wording but we will go with it). I fully understand that being active in TeamSpeak and Discord is very important and I am active on there regularly. I am a very fair person and I always hear both sides of the story before I make any judgements what so ever. I very much understand how to have fun on the server and I know when to take things serious. Another reason I personally feel like I deserve staff is I rarely feel like I deserve a break for the only reason I have ever taken an LOA is because of School I love this server and I very much plan on staying for  a while. One of the real reasons I deserve staff is because I am a mature person that can have fun yet take the rules serious to the full extent and am able to deal with people accordingly. I am not good at thinking good words about myself but that is an issue not an issME  so deal with it

I would like to say i wrote this really quite fucking drunk but this is quality so suck my nuts you DOGS!!!!!!! ♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿

Thank you lots for reading my application I don't know how I made it  this far but I'm here if you cant read my app its because I speak in Australian/ broken English suck my nuts its how it is ASKEEEEEEET


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+1 hi stigbjorn


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Good ARC and he's a no-life with loads of time to play. Legend, wants staff even when he's drunk.

Your app looks horrible with the highlighting btw.

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Stigbjorn is a very cool guy and a very great member of ARC
Despite the fact he lives in Australia he still has a good time on the server 
I believe he would be a very good member of staff 

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+1 I don't think I have to say much else, he would be a great addition to the staff team.

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+1 ARC

and a really nice guy that would be amazing at staff

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Good guy 


"Current Ranks"
Idk something
"Past Ranks"
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High rank
Nice answers to questions
Pretty good playtime and no warns

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- Competent and cool guy
- Questions were answered really well

- Cant understand a fucking thing when hes speaking

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Very nice man, and a massive advocate for anti-alcoholism.

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Speak to me in the next few days.

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Long overdue as you have been back for a while now.

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