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Negative's SCP 096 Reapplication

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RP-Name: Man Manson. Used to be named HardToDestoryLizard back when you could change name as SCP.

Link to old app, was told it would be okay if I used my own answers:

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82997619

Playtime (Must be 4 days or over): 1w 2d 00h 13m 24s

In-game Warnings (Reasons and amount, provide a screenshot. Type !warns to see a list, warnings may not exceed 20 [exceptions can be made]):
- 0 warnings

Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?: Yes I have read the rules of SCPRP and I understand them

Have you read the SCP-096 rules and understand them? Demonstrate your understanding with an example or two: I do understand them :

An example of the rulesets is making sure that If someone is to trigger me by looking at my face (unintentionally, if they do it on purpose its failrp), I am to chase ONLY that person and not to try to Mass RDM.

- Another example is that I have special tools that allow me to bypass doors but they should only be used with the intent to get to my target. Any abuse of these tools outside these guidelines will result in me being unwhitelisted.

Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?: Yes. I did play SCP 096 quite a bit back in the past and avidly like to play 682. I Mostly only like playing SCP.

What is the containment procedure for SCP-096 if it has breached? Explain with as much detail as you can:

Once 096 has breached containment, everyone who is not B-7 or E-11 must leave the room once it has killed its target WITHOUT looking at its face. Once the room is evacuated B-7 or E-11 must arrive with their backed turned to 096 and slowly proceed backwards until they hit something or feel 096. Once they are in range of 096 they will begin the procedure to place a plastic bag or other object over 096s face completely without looking at 096. Once 096s face is covered and the object obscuring its face is secured on properly, they will use their respective elastic or containment cuffs to drag 096 back to containment. As they are dragging 096 back to its cell, no one should be going near 096 except the respective B-7 or E-11 containment groups. If 096 is on the surface, anyone who attempts to interfere with recontainment procedure by trying to take the bag off should be terminated.

While in a test, the D-Class they have put in your Containment Chamber has run out and managed to get to the Entrance Zone after looking at your face. What course of action do you take and what do you do once your target is dead?:

Once the D class has looked at my face and triggered me I would follow the D class all the way to the entrance zone, only using my sweps to specifically get through obstacles in the way TO MY TARGET only. Once the D-Class is dead, I would immediately sit down in the exact direction I killed them in and not move and await recontainment or if someone else somehow looks at my face and triggers me again. (If they do so purposefully, it would be failrp and I would not be allowed to chase the target.)

While chasing SCP-096-1, you pass a researcher, MTF personnel and D-Class who all look at your face accidentally. You manage to kill your original target and you circle back to kill the rest. Is this a good RP scenario and why? (Free form question.):

If while chasing a target who triggered me and I have multiple personnel who see my face during my chase, It would be a good rp scenario because that is how 096 functions. As long as I am not trying to INTENTIONALLY get people to look at my face,  those who trigger me after my initial target would become targets afterwords and therefore be chased to be killed.

A Group of Interest has entered the facility and is attempting to bring you to their base. While transporting you, one of the members sees your face, however says that it was an accident and that you should just ignore it. What should you do and why?:

In this situation, accidentally looking at my face would result in the GOI being a target regardless. 096 does not care nor is it sentient. Not killing the individual would result in a breach of my roleplay rules and therefore they would need to be killed to untrigger me.

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