Daniel Jeffrey

Daniel Jeffrey - Unwarn Request

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Server you got warned from: Werwolf Gaming

Your name in-game: My name in game is Daniel Jeffrey.

Your SteamID: My SteamID is: STEAM_0:0:516848818

Admin's name that warned you: Taurus Tremani (JustMonty)

Admin's steamID: The admin's steamID is: STEAM_0:1:607978814

Why did you get warned?: I got warned for NLR | Reported 682's location after dying.


Why do you deserve to be unwarned?: I didn't know about that rule with Reporting an SCP's location after dying are warnable in the rules and because i didn't saw in the rules that Reporting an SCP's location are not allowed, like come on, give me a chance!

Anything else?: -


image.png.478a5d8e12c687263121ccf18f21b406.png Daniel Jeffrey

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I mean it was basic NLR rule break 

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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The reason I warned you is because I have had a few encounters with you blatantly breaking the rules/not understanding them. Therefor I figured that warning you for a blatant rule break (that you should be aware of) is a reasonable action. 

Here is some proof (ik i should have taken these logs and screenshots differently but I didn't think of it at the time. I still believe that you can see that he died to 682 by his reaction)


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