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What your suggestion is: RPG Spam Fixes

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: We all know that there is too much RPG spam on the server. I dont think i have met a EC who plays regularly on the server who has not complain about RPG spam. It discourages people from going EC as every 2 seconds that get RPG'd when there are large amounts of 212th and RC. It is most likely one the leading factor of why people don't go EC.

I have 3 suggestions not all have to be accepted but still 1 would do fine:

1) Decrease the amount of Rockets that they store from 5 to 2.
This is because if we decrease amount of rockets that everyone has it lead to less RPG being used and people will use them more carefully knowing that they have less rockets.

2)Bring a rule prohibiting the use of explosives inside buildings.
This is more sense in RP. This is because RPG would destroy buildings and not just kill ECs and would completely remove the possibility being RPGd from 5 meters away. Plus using RPG in close quarters is extremely dangerous. (If this was to happen RPG Damage could probably be buffed so its still viable)

3) Make the RPG take a lot longer to reload.
Currently the RGP takes quite a short time to reload which leads to you being able to shoot it multiple times quite fast. If the RPG reload times was longer it would lead to less RPG Spam as less rockets can be fired in a certain amount of time. Also would make people value their rockets more as they cant be replaced as quickly.

I wouldn't say that all of the suggestions need to be accepted but even if one is accepted RPG spam will reduced significantly. And if the chance that all are accepted there would be a high chance it would fix RPG spam completely. Leading to more people going ECs as people wont have to worry about being RPG spammed which means more events for normal clones as well.

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It makes alot of sence, its also one of the reasons i hate going EC nowadays. 


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I dont like RPG, they hurt


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I fully disagree with the 1st and 3rd suggestion, 212th already got nerfed badly related to the RPG ammo, lowering it even more would be a pain in the ass for them. Now for the 3rd suggestion, I think the rpg reload time is fine (This coming from someone who used to had it) and the RPG is most likely to bug after the 1st and 2nd shot making you unable to use and reload, and making you do /drop everytime. 

Now about the 2nd suggestion I do kinda agree with you but I think it would not be kindly welcomed by the people who have RPGs, but still it does make sense. 

Also a little suggestion to add is to actually make it so both "we", Staff and EP, enforce the Close Range RPG rule and make it warnable again (Its getting really annoying again).

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-1 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd suggestion reason is 212th already got nerfed before, doing this will make 212th not fun at all, the point of 212th is to provide support with Explosives so what kind of support will you expect from us if we only have 2-3 shots in RPG or if it takes like "1 minute" to reload.

for second suggestion, most of combat happens inside of the base or some kind of building and you are basically saying stop using RPG until we go outside which is i guess common but at the same time not really.

Only issue i see with RPG currently is suicide RPG'ing which i see EC's do a lot when they get them and some other people do that too so that might need to be enforced again.

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i want to see 212th cry 🙂

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The rules regarding explosives should be enforced in a way more strict manner both IC and in OOC. Also the rules regarding the usage of RPG on a certain amount of EC's should be brought back for everyone, Not just 212th.

#1 Limiting the amount of rockets would just be annoying to 212th and others who may have it since all they would need to do would be to go back to a vendor and do a RP action to refill them again. It may or may not reduce spam as all it takes is again take a short trip back to a vendor. Even lowering it to 2 would nerf the RPG to an almost unusable state as the RPG compared to other weapons like the shotguns, snipers or even the flamethrower is underpowered in some ways. The RPG deals massive DMG with one blow but cant sustain it for long due to the reload times it already has and with the current limit of 5 rockets. 

If #2 is going to be a reality after this suggestion it would mean that the only real effective equipment of 212th would be severely underused due to majority of combat being indoors rather than outside. Sure 212th have their T21 however it will just transfer them into CT again with a slightly upgraded weapon. Also, what about flamethrowers? Would they not burn the entire building if used indoors? 

#3 is not needed, the RPG already has a few nice bugs which means the RPG takes some time to reload. Once you shoot your RPG you will have to wait for the rocket to blow up to reload or else the weapon will bug out which means you need to drop it or just switch to another weapon and then again to the RPG. The reload speed is fine, however the mass amount of spam comes from all the 212th, DS & battalion who may have it out and are using it. 

Personally I believe snipers are way more annoying than any explosives as most of the time the snipers themselves are unreachable as they are in the far back lines of clones, and even with a sniper EC the people with snipers only need to focus on the EC for only a little bit to deal with them. Bringing rules to everyone about limiting the usage of RPG on certain amount of EC's should be enforced way more by hierarchies and maybe even staff. 

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RPG can get spammed 

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The only problem with RPGs that there is in the server is coming from the EC side, when EPs give the Wrist rocket launcher to random ECs that just spam it (since it has no cooldown), 212ths RPGs dont really ruin anything as there is very few and dying as an EC isnt really a problem, as you will probably respawn a few meters away anyways


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Tbf the rpg takes like atleast 3 seconds to reload i dont think its that bad for spamming

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The amount of times I have been friendly fired by 212th since the killcard update inclines me to +1 but its also not very fair to place all of these rules and restrictions on 212th when others with explosives seem to willfully ignore them. 

What Silent said.

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12 hours ago, Key said:

This is not true, don't know where you get that idea from considering you use the gun, but RC spawn with 11 rockets and get only one refill during events, during a last stand we can have 2, we also get punished for dying so killing ourselves for ammo is not something we do. 

Ye I was corrected by Lewis yesterday, when I give myself a 212th rpg I have 5 rockets, but when I give myself anti tank I spawn with 99. Which you don't spawn with


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