unban requsests

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Follow this template or your app will be denied: Server you got banned from:scp Your name in-game:meru shadow Your SteamID:76561199179853438 Admins'name that banned you: Admin's steamID: idont know it Why did you get banned?:spaming lights Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:i didnt know  you cant spam lights i just got vip and dont know what im doing

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You can find the template here, you may go back and edit this post to conform with the template. We use the template for the ease of resolving these unban requests.

Now, while I may have never seen you spam the lights in game, I did see you consistently minging. I had even warned you for FailRP earlier.
The ban was 8 weeks long I believe, so take that time to learn how to be more serious and not minge constantly. I understand that this is GMod, an inherently stupid game, but you minging wasn't funny, just annoying. You can play on other semi-serious or serious RP servers to see how to act properly there. This isn't a DarkRP server.

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