Forton Greenman

Forton Greenman HoMD application

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In-Game Name: Forton Greenman

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:167391168

Warns(do !warns and take a screenshot): 1 warn

Playtime(3 days minimum): at the bottom, but im closer to 1w 5d rn. dont have a recent screenshot

Have you read the server rules and know not to be retarded?: Yes i have, and i understand what i need to do to not be retarded after multiple past mistakes.

What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: Producing supplies for combat units to aid during raids/general combat.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I will be active quite often and will react quick to any orders/requests.

Where and why would you put your shop/bench?: I would put it in EZ big if there is a lot of MTF on to aid them with ammo and ammo types, but if theres more security i would put it in LCZ big.

Explain 2 HoMD rules(rules are in the HoMD spreadsheet rules section): 

1. Don’t self supply. Pretty obvious, as people would just get slams or the MicroHID and minge/rdm.

2. Don’t sell for over 50% price. Nobody likes a money-hungry HoMD, and you don’t want to stop MTF’s combat progress because they ran out of money. I personally would charge closer to ~20% more of the original price.

3. Don’t produce anything outside of the site, even if kidnapped. (harland said so) Also obvious cause you don’t want the MTF to deal with a heroin pusher wielding a MicroHID. 


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8 hours ago, Richard Krispe said:

-1 Minge. That's all I have to say

Inactive 😴😴😴😴

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Needs more community feedback

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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