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Steam Name + Profile link: REX -

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) 104th Commander REX &  Honour Guard REX

Teamspeak Name:REX

Playtime on the Server:4 months, 3 weeks , 14 hours and 31 minutes 

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:116494739

Any experience in staffing: yes staff before on different server

Current Age: 20


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: yes

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map:  Coruscant below 

Clone Ecs:
B1 Heavies - 2k hp - x2

Commando Droids - 2.5k hp x6

Tank Droids - 1.5k hp x 2

Sniper droid - 3k hp x 1 (Depends on how many 41st are their)

Jedi Ec's

Sith Marauder  - 15k hp x 1 (starting guy will look like a temple guard but with purple saber)

Sith warrior - 50k hp x 2 

Sith Sorcerer (Powerful Force Lord)- 100k x 1

Republic's Execution:

Clone:  This is just a template of what could happen

Radio SOS call will come in from a the High Admiral and will be asking for Battalion assistant. And will give location and radio comms will be lost.

The leading battalion will inform the clone that they will be leaving Base to assist the High Admiral on Coruscant Below. When the clones arrive to the lower grounds of Coruscant, Battalion should suggest sending the GM and 41st to Scout any ship doc yards for movement  when they arrive at the different doc they will see a commando droid go into a cloak then disappear. 

Once GM and 41st have what they have since will hopefully be  radio in to battalion but carry on watching at a  distance until ordered otherwise. Once Battalion know the location, they will Hopefully send the follow regiments half of CG, 501st and 104th to the ship year with they ship with an elevator and push in with CG shields out in front just to be careful as there is a sign of struggle outside of the ship.

While a half of CG,501st104th   are to pushing into the ship at the first doc the other half of CG CTCE & 212th  will make their way to the second ship doc to make sure that it is secure as they arrive the gates open, and a black tank rolls out with 2 b1 heavies and attacks the regiments 212th will react fast and destroy the tank and CG will hopefully place down barricades for protection from the heavies. After the tank is destroyed  CG will set up barricades and mount the barricades alongside CT & the rest of 212th in case of an attack. Battalion will hopefully order  some 212th to enter tanks and patrol around for any more tanks which they will encounter another black tank and once that tank is destroyed, they will find another one in a random location.

When CG,501st104th & get into the big room in the ship they will  breach just to find a bunch of dead clones with a dead battalion member in the room and then the Commando Droids will pop out of nowhere behind them and attack. Then Battalion will hopefully sent GM to leave their overview to assist at the ship but as they ran toward the ship, they will be sniped out by the Droid sniper which 41st will then locate and destroy the sniper droid and once that sniper is destroyed  another Sniper Droid will start to shoot at 41stAs GM move to the ships elevator, they will be greeted by a b1 heavy waiting for them. Once   possibly Kills the Heavy B1 the 3 b1 heavies will fire upon the will start to attacking at the other doc the rest of 212th will be tasked with finding where the b1s are coming from. When 212th find that they are coming from the ship on the second doc which is protected by a ray shield. CG will want to spawn barricades again for cover. Then CGCTCE & 212th will work together to destroy the B1 heavies coming out of the Far rooms while the other half of  CG,501st104th  under fire from the Commando Droid in the ship still. GM come in from behind and attack the Commando Droids. Once all the Commando droids in the ship are destroyed the regiments in the ship will push out and be attacked by the new commando droid placed on the ships roof 501st and 104th will hopefully push off to the side to the doc three where the commando droids end up coming from. While GM & the other half CG head off to the rest of CG CE, 212th & CT location to get ready to breach the ray shield which by then 501st and 104th should of found a terminal that needs to be hacked by CE or RC As the terminal is getting hack 501st and 104th  Can head to the breach location. Once shield is down they will push in and take out the droids Where a Terminal will be located for the start of the Elite clones mission which they will head to the first location which they will find from roaming.

 The normal regiments will look around for any sign of hostile which now and then a group of droid will attack.
Once the Elite clones arrived to the first location they will hopefully breach in and attack any hostiles in side. Once the hostiles are clear they will find a locked data key and will have to take it to a terminal (Hint maybe the one they used before) and hack into it which will give them the location to the High Admiral....................................................
Then Once the High admiral is safe battalion will do debrief and we will return back to a base.

Jedi:This is just a template of what could happen

While the clones are fight an explosion will go off in the jedi temple and all jedi will be sucked in the portal into a sewer which they then will be greeted by a man in temple guard robes when trying to talk to the man he will say nothing but slowly start to get angry man the more the Jedi try to speak to him. After some time of the Jedi trying to speak to the guy he will start to attack once he is dead a burst of energy from his body hits the portal and sucks the jedi away to a different location  which kind of looks like an old jedi temple area where they encounter a dark robed guy siting in a chair being bowed down to by two other robed guys. When the Jedi speak try to speak to them the guy sitting down tells his fellow people to be silent while he speaks to the Jedi

The Guy sitting down tells the Jedi how he was once a powerful Jedi who now using the dark and light side of the force to become the most powerful force user in the universe. He will tell the Jedi that they are wrong and being powerful like he is will be the way and he will see that Jedi and Sith will both be destroy and purposes that the Jedi join him just like these two Sith just did and pledge your Allegiance to him. Once the Jedi refuse he tell his new followers to attack and prove their worth and loyalty  to him. Once both followers have fallen, he will say he has had enough and attack screaming I will prove you wrong and I am the most powerful being in the universe. Once the Jedi have defeated the guy the portal will activate and pull the Jedi back through to back to the start.

Event Character Execution:


The  commando Droids will stay were they are until the right moment and when the clones are in the ship yard area they will pop out and attack. Once the Selected Regiments have made it to the room in the ship where a  bunch of dead clones the Commando Droid will pop out of cloak and attack the Regiments that are there. Once they die at that spawn a good few times they will be moved to above the ship to shot down at the clones. 


The tanks and b2 heavies will prep for 212th and the rest of the regs at the other ship landing zone. Once 212th and the rest of the regs arrived the EC's will attack straight away and try to gun down all the clones. The Tank EC'S will be placed in random locations. After the tanks are destroyed twice the tank EC will be swap to b2 heavies. 

Once this is done all spawns apart from the b2 Heavies  will be set to the further docs behind a ray shield ready for the final stage of the event and the droids will prep for the fight of their lives

B2 Heavies will be move to a room to protect the high admiral from the elite clones


The first guy is to just stand and get angry as he is protecting his post and to not answer any questions he is asked & properly will die give due to low health to progress the story. The Sith Sorcerer who will be sitting down his job will try to get the jedi to turn and join his side and destroy the rest of the jedi and sith alike. The two Sith Warriors jobs will be to protect the Sith Sorcerer on his command to attack. They can taunt jedi if they wish.


Event Information:


The Cis have Has taken over the Underground of Coruscant  and took out some republic clones and capture an High Admiral but the Admiral sent out an Open SOS just as he was captured and the CIS are using this to  plan ambush the clones coming to save him The republic will arrived in search of the saviours and must focus finding and saving the High Admiral. The Cis aim to catch the Republic off guard so best to be careful with every turn. Once location has been found with enough time the Elite clones will break off to save him .


The Jedi are here coz they had a report of a Sith Gathering but turns out they aren't Sith any longer but now the Proud followers of THE Powerful Force Lord as he calls himself. And the powerful force lord will try his hardest to get the Jedi to join his cause against Jedi and sith alike but once he  fails he will get his followers to attack the  Jedi once the Jedi defeat his followers he will attack and sadly the Jedi will have to defeat him.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:Nope

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:n/a

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: 

The responsibilities of an Ep are to make good, Fun and enjoyable events for both clone and jedi and also the people playing as Ec in your event.

 Also the ULX power of an EP matches that of an Senior Admin which is a quite high rank in staff. An EP shouldn't interfere with staff matters unless  their are 0 staff online and people need help.  Also just because you have ULX power doesn't mean you can do what u want and abuse it.

The main goal is to try and make sure every single player has fun in each event and want to come back to play another one of your events. 

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
Yes i understand and agree with this

Anything else?: Good Luck to every one who going for WG Event planner job 

W-G E-Planner

Edited by Rex [W-G]



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Good app

High rank

The ecs HP is a tad bit op

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REX is a good guy, and this is a very well thought out application with good utilisation of the map. Features something for all regiments and a potential RC/ARC mission is always good! Jedi side looks pretty good too, and overall a very good event plan. 


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-Very good event plan, well thought out and has a good storyline to it.
-Dedicated and very competant due to high IC ranks and being 104th CMDR.
-Jedi side is good, has a good idea behind it.

-The HP of the EC's may be slightly too high, this is is not a major issue  as this can be changed at the time of the event if needed.
Best of luck Rex! 


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Lovely Plan is a Cool guy and High IC rank

Saved 104th and Would Be good as an EP

As loaf Said HP could be adjusted

- Good luck man, Sandy

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Good app very detailed and well planed out good jedi event as well which is MORE of what EP need to do
High rank and trusted active guy
ARC & RC mission cant say no to that
Clearly put much thought into this and time

Lad save yourself some time and dont write what battlion may order imo its more up to them how to fight the battle and not EP so imo i dont like EP's giving a template on how they should lead. (not saying you have but just save yourself time and dont add it)
EC's bit high HP
Also good luck getting 4 jedi EC's for a planetery

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- Creative guy

- nice guy

- very good plan 

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Great and detailed event plan
High Ranking and overall has great experience in the server

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We are denying all Event Planner applications due to having a large backlog

Feel free to reapply in 1 week once the apps re-open due to the unfortunate circumstances


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