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Harvey Ghost Unban request

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Server you got banned from: SCPRP

Your name in-game: Harvey Ghost

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:6010545

Admins' name that banned you: Jason Haze

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?: I got banned for MRDM


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Becasue I spent allot of real money on the server and I didnt take the RP seriously. I am now regretful for those decisions and wish to take the server seriously.

Anything else?:


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this is who you got banned by: Joe Conner

Also, you have had previous bans for repeated FailRP, RDM and ERP.

Also, you were banned almost exactly a month ago, so therefor I do not trust you in any way to have changed.

So, overall: -1


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-1 Spending money isn't a ticket to allow yourself everything, you've been banned multiple times already and imo you deserve to be banned 

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as you can clearly see


here is a cry of fear weapon tier list;



glock - the glock is one of the best guns in the game due to how much you really get to use it, most guns in cry of fear are really only used in certain parts, for example, the vp70 that you acquire nearby the platforming sequence after the first subway part only gets ammo for the next few levels, and then you never get to use it again.

camera - one of the best guns in the game; it freezes all enemies (including sawrunner) and pretty much stops them from doing anything, after they have been frozen they are pretty much braindead & will not move. (does not apply to most bosses) althought they will still block your path sometimes & you will have to kill them either way.

simon's book - singlehandedly the strongest weapon in the game, acquired by getting an s rank on nightmare mode, constant damage at mid-range with no cooldown, kills most bosses in a matter of seconds.



leatherhoff's axe - best melee in the game, you acquire it via a secret ending, 2 shots most enemies on nightmare & 1 shots most enemies on ez/normal/hard

gewehr - strongest rifle in the game does about 100 damage



nighstick - a generally stronger version of the switchblade, would recommend if on a first playthrough, does decent damage & is way stronger than any melees you previously unlock in the game

vp70 - as previously stated, a gun that barely gets any ammo, semi-decent damage, 3burst.

famas - infinite ammo assault rifle, never runs out of ammo, although the damage is good and the gun is very versatile, the recoil is fucking awful

browning high power - used in bossfight, good if you have good aim, nothing much to talk about

p345 - decent pistol, decent damage, small clip, 1shots most normal enemies on ez difficulty, although ammo is scarce.

mp9 - decent gun w/ decent damage and a good firerate, good to use in close quarters combat although ineffective at long range and has awful recoil

sniper rifle - shittier gewehr w/ a scope 1shots most enemies



switchblade - decent melee, would recommend on a first playthrough, switch as soon as you get a new melee. has two modes. stab & slash

hammer - shit melee, hit before you actually approach, wind-up is awful & it bites stamina when you hit

taurus - shittier p345, barely get any ammo, has a small clip, but relatively decent damage.

shotgun - decent gun but extremely inconsistent, you get quite a lot of ammo throughout the game but not nearly as much as the glock, would recommend for newer players as its easy to use

stag arms ar15 - mediocre damage, semi-decent accuracy, barely get any ammo for it, has two firing modes; semi-auto & 3burst

ak47 - idk never used probs reskinned ar15



fists - only EVER use as a lost resort, terrible way to go out in a fight

tree branch - pretty shitty, wouldn't recommend using it if you have access to any other melee

thanks for coming to my ted talk




the fact that you spent money doesn't give you a pass to break rules, barely any effort put into the app.

H. H. Asquith

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From what I recall, you literally didn't care at all during the entire incident and went on to kill jason as soon as you were brought into the staff room after being frozen 

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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