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Seriously Dude Ban Appeal

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My In-Game name: Fortnite


Steam Name: Seriously Dude

What is the reason for your ban: LTARP | Minge

How long were you banned for: 4 Days

Name of the staff member who banned you: WreckedCone

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I literally did nothing, I just joined and the server was on an event, I got cuffed for literally no reason and put into a jail, how is leaving during an event ltarp?? not even roleplaying when you're spawning in a massive jail for 1 person who did nothing wrong.

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It's not the first time you've been banned (2 times previously) and your warns aren't fantastic either. You were banned for LTARP because you were in the brig and left (Hence leaving to avoid Roleplay) and Brigs are only spawned in during planetaries as many maps don't have those facilities.

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This you right?

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Going from the claim that was made by willboc the jedi who cuffed you, you left while being put in the brig. which is LTARP the reason you was arrest was for more than likely breaking pts during debrief  considering Willboc is a player that actively plays the server and is of a decent rank I'm more than inclined to trust him, when you have no intention of playing the server properly judging from your previous arrest and bans you've already had.

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I saw CG and a CT Hierarchy member waiting infront of ATC on Storm outpost waiting for someone to get down. Lucky me, that someone was you, i went up there and cuffed you. 

You got demoted, and then retrained, but you proceeded to break PTS multiple times while waiting in DB resulting in your punishment, which u didnt get cuz u left the server. 

Ban is justified, wait the 4 days.  

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Its only 4 days

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