Gmod Ban Appeal - Format - Jio ME

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Server you got banned from:

Your name in-game:
Format - Jio Me

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you:
I'm not sure  (check logs i guess)

Admin's steamID:
I'm not sure (check logs i guess)

Why did you get banned?:
FailRP - lying to staff - looking at 096 face in d block
I don't have any sorry
Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

FailRP - lying to staff - going afk during sit - looking at 096 face in d block

Appeal - basically 096 was in d block and the guards couldn't get him back in his cc so when the guards weren't there i just played about with 096 looking at his face so he could go up on the banister in d block, once the guards took him away a mod/admin not sure tp in to the staff room i told that it was an accident (it wasn't) after that i said in chat that i was sorry and there wasn't anyone around that was doing rp do i thought it was fine, at the same time my parents told me to come for tea so i said in admin chat that i needed to go for tea and i'd be able to talk in 10mins when i got back after tea i was banned.

All of the claims i have made are things you can look put in logs, you can see me dieing to 096, you can see chat logs of were i said all things stated above, and other things. 

Things i'd like to add:

When i was tp into the staff room he said 'i'd like to ban you' i can't back this put because i don't have video profe but it just something i'd to add.

The ban is for 5 days and i would really like to show my cousins the server when they come round for my mums bday this weekend.

I'm really sorry for doing thing i won't do it again

ps: thanks for reading through this i know it was long but i'd really like this server and don't want to be banned for 5 days its just to long.

Anything else?:

Nothing else everything was stated above.

Thank you for reading this

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I'm the one that banned you...

About the failRP: When CE/E-11 weren't there to contain SCP-096 you went multiple times in front and crouch in front of said SCP then running away to allow most of the D to see it's face. when TP'ed (received multiple sits about you failRPing a.k.a keeping 096 breached all the time) you admitted to have done it (and even there in your app) (I was on SOD (No-clip + Cloaked) at that time watching over 096 breach) + When E-11 went to contain 096  they told you many times to go away BUT you kept doing it they even had to kill you multiple times before being able to contain 096 (as you were the one keeping it breached)

About the lying:  You said that you didn't look at said SCP face multiple times in a row then as stated above you just admited right after  and even said "it's for fun" or something in those line

About the "I'd ban you" thing: In this part I was explaining the punishment I was going to give you but i never said such things

About the afk: You said you had to go (without specifiying why) that's why I tried at the time to be the fastest possible so you could go BUT I was still  talking/explaining  ( I was referring to what's above) to you and you went afk as the sit wasn't finished

PS:  I believe this is a misunderstanding (about the "you had to go part" and I'm sorry for it; I'll be happy to discuss about it if needed


Player Name: Jio ME
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:504768177
Reason: FailRP | Lying to Staff | LTAP | Looking on purpose at 096 face to keep it breached while being dead by it several times, lying about it during sit and going afk during sit
Ban lenght: [5days]
Evidence: (modifié)
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Forgot the evidence ...
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I also would like to mention this:

You said you wrote through admin chat but at the time the claim window containing your original sit message + all the others you send after disapeared + admin chat also appear in chatbox but there was nothing. Since you went afk without specifiying a valid reason  to leave early the sit (didn't knew you had to go for tea like you're saying) (It's also hard to believe you has you already lied about 2 times) as a result I applied the LTAP punishment as well

As I said above I believe there was a misunderstanding on this part, I'll discuss happilly about it if needed 

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