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Artilary piece that isnt tedious

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What your suggestion is: A artillery piece, like the mortar suggested a while back but its less finicky to use. Has multiple shell types for EP and/or regiments to use.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2642378056

Any additional information: The main issue from my understanding in the last mortal addon was that it required to many steps, range finder, coordinate input etc. This is far simpler to use and the various shells add great variouty, if not for the clones then for EP. Also adds some neat props as a little bonus.


A example of a use for EP is a event where people have to take artillery locations or defend them while the artillery actually fires upon them.

(would also work on imperial but i don't play that)

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Looks simple to use and could be cool havent used it for myself tho, but its from what it seems in the pictures looks very kinda like ww2 flak gun like so not clone looking at all but we use halo turrets so shouldnt be a problem

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I want to rain Hell fire on Ignorant Savages Either way if it doesnt look Sci fi and more like steam punk at least it looks cool


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- On the bright side I can see the potentional of this. I think that this would mainly benefit EPs rather than any regiment this thing would be assign to, since EPs get to decide where the battle will take place and that would allow them to set up those artilleries as they need them. Raining fire on advancing clones or bombarding a defensive position, which in return would force the clones to make counter strategies againts this. This would make the combat a lot more intersting for both sides as this thing in large enough numbers could halt an entire clone push and allow the ECs to not be utterly destroyed on open maps, where they are just so heavily outmatched that it just isn't fun at times.

- On the other hand, what would stop the regiment with the artillery from just putting them down and raining shells constantly on the ECs, exactly pretty much nothing. Clones will always outnumber the ECs sometimes as much as 7:1. In the case of ECs you have at max usually about 7–8 ECs and each one of the artillery cannons needs at least 2 people operating it and I am pretty sure that the EP would probably set up at least 2, which leaves you with a total of 3–4 ECs acually protecting the artillery position. Which on open maps can be pretty much just avoided by flanking regiments and hit the artillery position directly.

- Another note is if it will even work and how much it would lag the server when used in combat, where even with a decent PC you will always be below 20–25 FPS durring events. Around those numbers it is still playeble but once you reach about 15 FPS, that is when it becomes a problem. Lastly the addon file is 52,4 GB large.

Overall not a bad idea and definitely worth the try.

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