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Elvis Alstone - Unban request

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Your name in-game:  Elvis Alstone | Abandoned ARPD 88088 Gears at the moment of the ban

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:112828293

Admins' name that banned you:  Joe Conner

Admin's steamID: Unknown to me

Why did you get banned?: "Erotic role-play"


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: As a part of RP I've tried to do, as no AR salesman was available at the moment, I thought it would be a cool idea to become this wondering, rusty, old, homeless droid looking for cash for oil and batteries. As such I created a hobo place, and did my thing.

As a part of the joke I put up a sign above saying:

"Need Help"

"Will suck dick for $$$"

One thing that buggers me the most however is the lack of any "negotiation" per-se. Not a warning beforehand, Joe brought me there, said "ERP is a big no no" (which I understand, but it was clearly just a sign meant for a joke), then banned me.

I appreciate you guys doing your job, since without you the server would be overwhelmed by minges, however it seems that sometimes, in my opinion, you go maybe a little too far.

If the sign was the problem, please maybe contact the guy beforehand and ask him to remove it, give him the reason why this sign is prohibited from use, so he understands.

Anything else?:  While an unban would be the best possible option, I am rather expecting a simple explanation of this weird situation that I have gotten myself into.

I think a ban for FailRP rather than ERP would make more sense in this scenario, although I'm not exactly sure.

I apologize in advance to Joe for making his life harder by creating this thread.

Please respond!

(Note, that I would never suck a dick of an other man, absolutely never. And so no dicks were sucked, and the sign was run by a joke scoring some cheap laughs there and then. Robots don't even have mouths.)

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I mean, it's ERP...

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