Unban me and my mate plz and thanks

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My request

My In-Game name: Stuey (as youngling), 41st PVT Stu. The Haz (as youngling), 41st PVT Haz.

Steam Name: stu , h  a z

What is the reason for your ban: MRDM

How long were you banned for: A month (my friend 2 weeks)

Name of the staff member who banned you: Shepard

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:
We were not warned or told that what we were doing was mdrm, we were testing out abilities and seeing if we could block them. There is no stated rules in the youngling room/area so we had no idea what to do. We had previously asked for a trainer, around 4-5 times with no response. Someone then came in, froze us in place and banned us without even speaking. This seems incredibly unfair and unjust as we had no way to back our case. Our mrdm caused no problems in the server as there is minimal noise and nothing being put in chat, I would love if we could be unbanned  as we came on the server to play over Christmas (because we have our alevel exams next years). In conclusion I believe we should be unbanned but the final verdict is well and truly yours.

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MRDM is not verbal, Clear common sense is to not kill each other repeatedly. And because a Trainer didn't arrive doesn't mean you can kill each other.

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Realistically, whether I spoke to you or not you were going to get banned. It wasn't as if you were duelling for a bit of fun, you killed him 32 times. RDM is an OOC rule, and as it clearly states as the first rule, it is not permitted.

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Yeah you don't just go ahead and kill someone 32 times just so you can "test" something, also not knowing the rules doesn't make you immune to them. You should have accually bothered to read them after buying your plat vip, the fact that you didn't is on you.

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