I was banned from clone wars for ltap

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After I was detained for discharging my weapon I was taken into jail and given a 15 minute sentence for discharging my weapon and leaving the base (I had already been in for 15 minutes for leaving the base already so I got 2 charges for the same thing. After that I told the people detaining me that my keyboard and mouse weren’t working so I was using the laptop keyboard to use push to talk. After that I was sent to the cell and was trying to get my keyboard and mouse to work. So I restarted my laptop in the hopes that they would work after, I had the understanding that if I left I would be in prison for the time I had left but then I was banned for 2 days.

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Isn't in the Correct Format,

LTAP is sadly LTAP at the End of the day, Even if it was for fixing your Mouse and Keyboard it is still valid,

anyway this ban will be up before this is accepted 

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you served your time for the ban now, and yea you cant leave during brig time unless you have an admins blessing!

Sorry about your keyboard and mouse

former ct 2245 bong

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