Why am i banned there is no reason why im banned

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First off, edit this application to fit the template.

Second, this is your list of warns with a ban reason, I have underlined your perm ban.

The ban was ordered by SMT, and that with a combination of you having 26 warns, it is highly unlikely you will be unbanned.

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but why was i ordered to return to perm ban because i didnt do anything that day and i think it is not right if it is because of my warnings because they didnt just all come in the space of like 10 seconds?

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would it be possible for the person who gave the order to awnser why i was ordered to perm ban again?

edit-just realized it was console but why did the console order a return to perm ban?

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You originally had a permaban for MRDM last year. Then in the span of two months managed to get a good 70% of your 25 warns. Most being RDM warns or FailRP. So we decided the best course of action was to just repermanantly ban you for the amount of warns and the fact that after your first RDM warn you should have been repermanantly banned.

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