Unban Request Evilgejf

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My In-Game name:Evilgejf

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) STEAM_0:1:81866391

Steam Name: Evilgejf

What is the reason for your ban:Reaching 30 warns

How long were you banned for:Perma banned

Name of the staff member who banned you: Spades

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned as its been almost a year since the ban and since then i have been able to reach LT COL and have 0 warns on Imperial RP so in my own opinon i have improved.  I also recieved all of my warns over a 4 year period and not something i did over a year and ofcourse i don't wanna use that as an excuse its just so you understand that I didnt jump on the server just to minge instead i made a few small mistakes over the span of 4 years that eventually gathered up to 30 warns. So today i am here to ask to be riddended of the ban and get given a second oppurtunity.

I thinks thats all i can mention or i would just be copying my first unban request so if you would like to read that i believe you can still find it somewhere on the forum, and if you like to contact me just hit me up on TS or Discord for any questions. Cya



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it has almost been a whole year.

The guy has improved, because he also plays IRP, and he is doing really good on there

Hope you get unbanned, best of luck buddy

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Eh sure if he's doign aight on IRP why not

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lets goooooo people will stop calling me Evilgejf. you deserve a unban mate.

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Good in IRP 

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You have been unbanned because of the great community feedback and you have really proved your competence in changing for the better.
You will be on a 1 warn bases again, so if you are warned your ban will be reinstated.

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