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Stevens Unban Request

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My In Game Name: Steven McGowan

Steam Name: Spicy Noi

What Is The Reason For Your Ban: You may not beleive me but i was shooting at the club because they were constantly shooting at my store/raiding it/ The club members killed me and my friend multiple times because there was a sign that we couldn't remove that said that we sold Nukes,Miniguns and drugs, which was false.

For How Long Were You Banned: Permanently.

Which Staff Member Banned You: Ace Barry

Why do I believe That I Should Be Unbanned: Yes i agree i did something wrong, Me and my friend were just having a store when this random guy came to us and put up a sign which later got us raided like 6 times. We even asked the executive adminstrator Ace Barry to remove the sign but he instead cuffed us and killed us. That is also why we shot at the club because of pure anger which was wrong I know. I have read the rules 2 times more already scince i was banned just to be 10000000000% sure that i do something bad if i get unbanned. I've also played for almost 3 years on this server and i have alot of time on me right now also summer break is soon and im not going to have anything to play this whole summer, I'm serious i only play scp:rp or sleep. I have litterally one more game to play thats poop. I hope you'll consider giving me a second chance.

Ban evidence:

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I saw this situation so I can back up exactly what happened.

So not only were you and artyom vladimirov being extremely toxic (surprise surprise) you also decided to break  NLR constantly, despite us raiding you and you already tried to counter raid us 20-30 minutes prior. Despite you dying straight away you came up with the genius idea of constantly buying a new gun, walking just outside of your NLR zone and shoot at the club and trying to kill us. This happened several times.

And we only raided once/twice, because you were a rival drug gang not just because we felt like it, and you were the one who placed the sign, now i'd be careful to the claims you make because I believe I have a decent chunk of it on video.

Also you dont seem very apologetic.


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we shot at your club because you raided our store constantly well not all of you it was a specific guy that just killed us multiple times, that guy killed us because

there was a sign we didnt write and the admin dint want to remove it either.

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like i mean your just a minge NH2RP mostly we raided u cus your a drug dealer and we killed both of you, you then proceed to come to club breaking NLR metagame us by coming to the club and attempting to hack us. I warned you multiple times to stop but every time we killed you, you constantly came back to shoot at us and run i gave u a verbal warning every individual time and you still proceeded so i ban your freind who i didnt know too well for 4 weeks and since i knew you and know u litterally do nothing but minge i perma banned you also this was litterally 2 days ago so i dont know how you expect to be unbanned after 2 days. bit ridiculous.

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I told you multiple times that i couldnt hear you that your mic was to quiet, maybe you didnt hear me either idk we didnt hack your club lol

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