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What your suggestion is:
Add Vfire to the server to add to the roleplay.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Any additional information:
Vfire is a addon that adds realistic fires to the server. That means that it can also be put out with a fire hose for example. There are multible extra tools on the workshop that work with vfire. 
This could add extra RP to the server like putting out the fire in GR before you can repair it. 
It could also give some usefullness back to a regiment that recently lost alot of duty's during events. (and happen to be firefighter red.)

Did not check the file size so that might be a problem. But as far as i see it's hightly optimisable, so it would not cause so much lagg.

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the file size is 0.694 MB which shouldnt be an issue, + dynamic fire that does damage and spreads on the surrounding area and that can be put out by  fire extinguisher would definetly be better than the particles placed by EP's that do no damage and have to be extinguished by RP things

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While this would be a cool addon, dynamic fire would cause too much server lag with high numbers.





Credit to Loki for this.



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