Gravgun for 212th NCO+

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What your suggestion is: Give gravgun to 212th NCO+

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Any additional information:

The 212th regiment comes with the railgun turret and it would be nice to have the gravgun to more effectively move it around during events since its such a delicate piece of equipment and is easily pushed over. It is also annoying carrying it using E since you run into it while moving. 


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+1 not just for railgun but to move defused mines after they have been defused. good idea

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I think all the other regiments have the gravgun automatically when they spawn in as nco+ so why shouldnt the 212th have it aswell.

Agreed with Slavking it would be convenient to be able to move the mines after defusing them BUT you can call in an admin for them to be removed

You are taught how to move the railgun as a part of your core training in the 212th and therefore i dont believe you should use the gravgun for that purpose 

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212th Hierarchy Appoved.





Credit to Loki for this.



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