no medic rp interuption

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i suggest making it that scavs cant cuff people while their in medical RP and take their stuff, and the medics/people that are doing the RP can't report the scavs. i think this would be good so people dont get interupted while RP and doing stuff for mins/trainings

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-1 use the template

Also there's no rule saying you cannot log checkups that ended with you being killed so why not just log that a scav killed you and your patient.

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People have to get check-up mins and stuff similar to trainings. It's incredibly unfair especially when there's at most two people rather than the 5+ people that could be present at a training.

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Scavs can not mess up trainings so I believe medical checkups should fall into this, seeming as it is a minimum for people. Its also alittle bit of a piss take, seeming as not many people want to do medicall check ups.

All I would say is use the template you dummy


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Knowing how difficult it is to acually get someone to do a checkup, for it to be ruined by a scav must be extremely frustrating. I do agree that checkups should fall under the same rules as trainings, that they can't be interrupted by scavs. Since most of the time you don't do them just for loggings but because doing checkups can be quite fun, especially if you are surgery trained.

However do use the temple next time please.

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Honestly, there's no reason to interrupt a medical checkup.

And for those immersive people. IRP, Guessing in a medical checkup they wouldn't even have their equipment on them. It would probably be stashed somewhere. As well as they're clones, so useless to kidnap for anything, so literally no point anyway.

The rest has already been explained.


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Already a rule stating:

4.1.5 Following 4.1.3, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever when in base. These are examples are disallowed actions:

  • Arresting all republic personnel.

  • Disrupting regimental training or meeting.

  • Use the republic vendor.

  • Entering the cadet training area.





Credit to Loki for this.



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I will add it as an example


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