212th CO ability to spawn Tank

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What your suggestion is:

Give 212th 2nd LT+ the ability to spawn the standard regiment tanks

Scriptfodder/workshop link:


Any additional information:

While leading base attacks as a CO it disrupts the flow of battle to call for an admin and I have often been sniped or rushed while typing an @ message especially when trying to use VDC or hangar on Rishi. 

I think this makes sense as CO+ can lead base attacks and also Tank train new 212th members and run creative tank trainings. It would be convenient for training purposes, but especially for events as mentioned

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This would make life easier for CO's. And since they are already able to do base attacks it means they are trusted to a certain degree. Problem is though that this restriction is put in place so that people dont just randomly spawn tanks in when they aren't supposed to. This is why its allowed for SO's to spawn them in since they are more trusted to make the right calls. 


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CE COs hve the ability to spawn ARC-170s and Bombers, I think 212th COs can handle having tanks.





Credit to Loki for this.



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