A different approach indulging mini events.

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A different approach to rule-breaking and how this could be used as an opportunity to enhance roleplaying.



I was playing as a CT and wanted to steal and fly a LAAT. As soon as I entered the vehicle it was despawned by an admin and I was Phys-gunned and frozen by said admin. After being given a warning I was cuffed and taken to a nearby CG via Phys-gunning where I was arrested and demoted back to Cadet.

Now instead of this course of action, I believe it would be a more overall enjoyable experience if this situation were resumed in RP. Where I would be reported in comms stealing said LAAT and a group of CGs would be dispatched assisted by a CE pilot in an attempt to take me down and detain me. I would still face the consequences of my action; being getting warned and demoted but an overall fun experience would be had by all parties involved.



I doubt this would encourage such behavior since there would still be arrest times and a demotion to be had as a consequence.

I wanted to make this suggestion because I am active in some other CWRP servers and I came to notice how most of these servers implement said course of action where they would play out the RP scenario until it got too out of hand.



I would appreciate this thread to remain for a while before and if you deem it to be denied. I would appreciate other people's opinions about this before the thread is locked.
 If you have any thoughts, support,s or concerns about this approach I would like to hear them.



Thank you for your attention and for allowing me to voice my opinion.

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The Amount of mining that would occur would be mental, and how would a CT in RP know how to even turn a LAAT on in the First place or Activate a tank?

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Yeah so, you're just suggesting to allow minging, how do you expect someone to be punished in character if they're in a ship which they would need to choose to land, or be killed which would mean NLR applies and they cant be punished.

Also, as Archer said, in RP, a CT would have no idea how to even start a LAAT, etc, so makes little sense.

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What you are suggesting is to basically to allow FailRP, because you as a CT wouldn't know IC how to fly a god damn LAAT let alone try to do so as a clone (since soldiers don't fucking do that and argument "he can go AWOL" is just stupid in this instance).

I rather avoid giving people like you any sort of protection from minging as I don't need to see you crash a LAAT into debrief.

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Fat -1 

The amount of VDM that would be caused by things like this would be astronomical. It would encourage players to want to cause more headaches for the playerbase and could interrupt roleplay more than cause it. 

From a staff perspective it encourages minging and would overall harm the server better than make it better. 


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You're essentially suggesting making minging/FailRPing more fun which we don't need more of. There's enough minges as is, and encouraging CTs to go and steal LAATs and crash them and whatnot just doesn't make any sense. Bad behaviours like this should be discouraged, not encouraged.

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First of all it will still be fail rp cause you have not been trained to fly meaning there is no way you could know how to fly. Second the amount of pain CE will go thrue is just not enjoyable.

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I think the community has given enough reasons above.





Credit to Loki for this.



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