No Falldamage for 104th

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No Falldamage for 104th

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The falldamage that is taken after using the jettpack is very crippling for the engaging of hostiles. Especially for low ranks because it takes a lot of the HP 

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+ 1

Makes sense tbh. Jedi with lightsabers equipped take no damage can something similar not be done with the jetpack? Roleplay wise it is just the thrusters being engaged to slow the fall at the last second

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I believe they did this for JT on IRP but I don't think it should be no fall damage at all, only when the Jumppack is equipped

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+1 IRP had jumppacks that had no fall damage when you had it equipped so ye makes sense

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playing 104th isnt bad if you have regen shields but if you dont and your an ET youll die pretty quickly so i agree with no fall damage if you have the jump pack out 

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as my time in 104th fall damage was one of the biggest put offs for anyone who didn't have regen shields

I do agree with Shepard that it should only be when they have the jump pack equipped that they take no damage or a 5 second after affect when the jump pack runs out I think this would be a nice little addition

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When I was a 104th especially in the earlier days, fall damage was very hard to deal with when trying to make any tactical maneuvers. So much as well when you are a higher rank as well and you are trying hit and run tactics. Even with having regen shield. when you take heavy fire and all your regen is gone and have very little HP by the time your regen comes back you either die from having to HAN SOLO it  or die because of the impact of you trying to escape/retreat.

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Honestly this is just another issue with regen shield and how it breaks the server in many aspects, like with regen its completely balanced and you lose a bit of shield when you take fall damage, so there is a balanced tradeoff. However if you make it so there is no fall damage at all with jumpack equipped there is just zero tradeoff at all and its a jumpack not a jetpack so you should be taking fall damage realistically. I would say reduce fall damage with any jumpack equipped and not remove it entirely so it actually has a tradeoff.

Also with the jumpack when you are low HP is very easy to fly away and get a medic which is obviously going to be harder as an ET which is the main reason you are pushing for it to be changed because of how bad it is at lower ranks. Well most regiments without regen at ET fucking suck. Look at 501st if you are playing as a user at ET you are just a CT-ET with 100 more HP. Which I always thought that lower ranks being prettusy bad was jt an incentive to rank up and continue to play the server. This could be a whole other debate entirely on if its worth to making it more fun for newer players while still having significant incentives to rank up and play the server.  Which I kind of agree with this sentiment so overall +1 but reduce the damage don't remove it entirely.

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Exactly, For ET's this would be very helpfull. They only have 300hp and are new to jump packing so they are more likely to fail some jumps. Atleast reduce the falldamage if you are not going to remove fall damage please :).

I 100% agree with Zell and other members.

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Early days in 104th, when I didn't have regen shield, it was very difficult. I had to keep an eye on my HP to know if I can use my jumppack or not. Completely agree with everyone else. There definitely should not be any fall damage from this.

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Credit to Loki for this.



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