Alastor's 3rd Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Alastor,

Roleplay Name: 501st Colonel Alastor

Teamspeak Name: [Platimun VIP] Alastor [Medic]

Playtime on the Server: 3W 6D 7H

SteamID (ūüėě STEAM_0:1:619919283

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: N/A

Current Age: 16

Warns/Bans: 0

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes

Event Plan:

Map: kashyyyk

Enemies, HP, Amount:

Names: Rogue Banker (name)

Cartel x3 [Base HP]

Cartel Executioner x1 [Base HP]

 Cartel Boss x1 [Base HP]

Cartel Guard x2 [Base HP]

Cartel Sniper [Base HP] (if enough 41st are online)

Passive, HP, Amount:

Sith Sorcerer (100k) (will be named ‚ÄúSith Summoner (name)‚ÄĚ)


Jedi Execution (jedi):

The jedi go about their daily business until they see a jedi and announce it, the jedi should question the Sith on how they entered and tell him to hand over any hidden weapons immediately. The Sith will summon a beast and they jedi should fight the Sith and his beast, after the beast is defeated they should focus their attention on the sith and fight him off.


Jedi Execution (sith):

the EC is placed at the entrance to JT and he is to enter and start mumbling (chat will say [RP] starts incantation". as he is there jedi should surround him and try to question who he is and why he is here, he will finish mumbling (chat says "[RP] Finishes incantation" and the EC is to move away as the beast he summons appears infront of him and starts to attack the jedi.

Republic's Execution [Clone]:

The Leading batt is to hold a debrief on Kashyyyk and send the clones to patrol the area in search for these Rogue Banking Clan members. Near the end another battalion is to come up to the leading batt and inform them that the Bankers they are talking to are not legit and should not be trusted. They will be shot at after this news and push the bankers back until last stand.

Event Character Execution [Rogue Banking Clan]:
The ECs are placed in a ship and are to land and to remind all the clones on why they are here. They are to stay at the barricades to meet and talk to the leading batt about the wookie village. When it is exposed that they aren’t legit they are to open fire on the clones and from there on it is a push until the last stand


Event Information (Jedi):

A sith summoner enters the jedi temple and starts a incantation, a bunch of jedi notice this and go to interrogate and watch what is about to ensue, as they ask questions he keeps chanting until a beast appears from the floor and starts to attack the jedi this beast is eventually fought off by the jedi and their attention goes towards the intruder who lights their lightsaber and readies themself for a battle, as the sith fight he realises the jedi are overpowering him he tries to flee but gets surrounded and ends up surrendering but his plans are not done yet as in a few days he launches his escape…

Event Information (clone):
Some Banking Clan members have gone rogue and are pretending to take bases for taxes. They have arrived on Kashyyyk and are now trying to take over the Wookie Villages, they arrange a meeting with battalion, they discuss about taking back the Wookie Villages for tax purposes, but it fails as the battalion checks with the banking clan to assure this is legitimate and finds out a massive group recently went AWOL and have been stealing buildings all over the galaxy under fake Identities, the leading batt denies the retaking of the village. They attempt to use fear to force the leading Batt to hand over the Wookie Village, but they are already in trouble as the rest of the clones have already unsafety all their weapons. The Rogue Bankers open fire and get pushed back as the clones push through the trees and knocked down the lower levels, of the planet, they decide to cut off the supply of troops and knock out troops one by one as night arrives, another venator class ship arrives with reinforcements but its too late as the clones must evacuate due to the disadvantage of the dark. The Wookie village is lost for now but the clones have a plan for a later date but until then the village is under the control of the Rogue Bankers for now…

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: No

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:  Yes (I am here to create fun events with a fair amount equality on either side to ensure that everyone is happy, I must make sure that any problem with my event is fixed in later events I host, I also have to make sure the events are fair on either side and make sure that I execute everything fairly and perfectly to create a good event. I am to use ULX/SAM powers with responsibility, and I am not to abuse these powers. If there are no mod/admins online I must help out where I can.)

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes

Anything else?: Thank You for having the time to read this application. Any questions DM Alastor#1919 on discord. 

some screenshots below on what is to be expected:

tree canopies(not dupe)


floor level (not dupe)



(not dupe)



FOB (outside of the dupe)



Inside FOB (inside the dupe)


Edited by Alastor_501

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Previous ranks:
501st Temp EXO, CT PVT, GM PVT

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Story isint that well explained dupe on the top floor is legit just a wall and some barricades and an easy to put down Rayshield if you want EP heres some advice MAKE AN INTRESTING EVENT AND DUPE. a couple barricades isint a dupe

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Event plan is somewhat unique and Kashyyyk is an underutilized map. 

Alastor is highly active.

Execution for Clone doesn't show a lot of detail.

Dupe looks like a bunch of other peoples dupes mixed in and isn't really unique.

I know this isn't your first application but you didn't include "W-G E-Planner" in the "anything else?" section. 

Best of luck Alastor!

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Neutral / - 1

You are a very active member of 501st and have been doing well. You've used a unique map which helps with the creativity. The event itself is decent, the EC's seem very balanced. The event is very creative. I like the idea of the beast in the jedi event, very unique and cool.

However, I have a few issues. The first is if you are going to show us a dupe, don't make it a bunch of dupes you have in a folder added together, yes you made the camp however, that doesn't take too much effort if you have a physgun.  Make dupes unique! Second, the event itself is a bit all over the place, to me i don't see why the banking clan's rogue members would meet with battalion and not just take the area when the republic aren't there, plus i don't know how big the coup is within the banking clan but them being able to take out the republics supplies would take a lot of effort. . As well as this, the jedi event feels like one of those jedi events that are there because they have to be, try to incorporate the jedi event into the clone event, it helps alot. 

Best of luck Alastor,


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Map is rarely used which is good, makes it bit different from other applicants

Event is actually could be quite creative and like the idea of it, but the small dupe makes it bit a basic event

I like the beast and sith part of the jedi event, will the beast be like a AI or person controlling it?


Dupe is very small and placing one wall on bridge isn't anything

Same as nox said, The story is quite strange why would banking clan wait on Republic to arrive rather than capturing it already ?



also "The jedi go about their daily business until they see a jedi and announce it" 

Final answer:  +1/Neutral

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The story itself doesnt seem too bad and would make a great event ON PAPER. Along with this, the Jedi event is rather detailed and I like the dupe that has been made... ish. Aswell, the map isnt used often, so its nice to see.

My issues come with the dupe and the story. Yes there is a dupe, but it seems like something I would use as cover, rather then something which is there for the WHOLE event. Make it bigger, make it more insane. Dont be afraid to box things up and making things a hallway. Along with that the story can be odd in places and not logical, but who knows. They could of just snorted crack while coming up with the attack plan.

Good luck,


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There is no Jedi Temple on this particular map

No "W-G E-Planner" in anything else section shows you didn't fully read the template

Kashyyk is a good map

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-You are an active guy, and competent within 501st from what i've heard. 

-Kashyyk is an underutilised map, and it's nice to see a creative attempt at utilising it.


-You have a made dupe, but whether it would add anything is highly questionable, and im willing to say no; it doesn't seem very high effort.

-The story itself is different.


-The story, although different, make's little logical sense.

-Little experience in Jedi.

-No "WG E-Planner" at the end which shows a lack of attention to detail.

-You strike me as desperately hungry for power, from your in-game etiquette, to the constant stream of applications for whatever you can that has an ounce more gmod power than what you have. It makes me seriously question whether you can be trusted with the powers that come with the Event Planner role, especially with it becoming stricter, and if you'd really put your heart into making events, or whether you'd make quick events which fill the slot and bring nothing different.


However, that is just my opinion. Other people have made good points about you, and i do wish you the best of luck on your application!

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Unfortunately Event Management have decided to deny your application. If you would like a reason DM Stack#2315 on Discord. 
You can reapply in 2 weeks if applications are open.

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