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What your suggestion is: Buff heavy sniper in 41st.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Not needed punk!

Any additional information: Baso, you become 41st CO for your sniper to do like 25 more damage, maybe buff it by another 50 damage or maybe 100 so its actually worth getting the better one since at the moment its basically the exact same.

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The sniper is a very powerful weapon already, and while it could have a small buff (A 25 DPS increase MAX) it is perfectly able to deal with many types of ECs. With your sniper argument, an EC sniper is usually on their own and there has to be a max of 5+ 41st so we can use one, so its quite balanced in terms of that. 41st should be able to communicate and be able to deal with a sniper without any issue. Besices ECs get fucked anyway by snipers, buffing them will make it even worse

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ECs are consistently getting their asses whuped by 41st I’ve seen Gorilla nearly get 40 kills and if the 41st are smart or realise they have comms handling a single sniper shouldn’t be that much of a issue. If it is such a issue then coordination or teamwork between the snipers should be worked on. 

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42 minutes ago, Mystic said:

Most of the 41st are medics and refuse to go towards snipers so idk what to say..

4 out of 33 members are medics. Even with CO+ 4 out of 14 members are medics, so saying that most of them are medics is not correct, and most 41st die to fight a sniper, even medics

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I understand the nerf snipers are shit now but its for the better of EC's and am saying this as a OS pretty much even RC sniper is shit but if you buff snipers its aids for ec's spawn in an open area then you get 6 snipers shooting you stright away from 100m+ away that your rifle cant even aim at. Yes snipers may 2tap you but like a ET or NCO, 1 EC sniper should be able to take on 5 41st Snipers so making a EC sniper much better makes sense and if the is a sniper just work togther to do better against it you spilt up so much a sniper can just pick you off 1 by 1 and destroy 41st.

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The snipers do the most heavy DMG on the server, a buff is not needed.





Credit to Loki for this.



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