Repair/restock station tether

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What your suggestion is: Allow it so that when a vehicle is moving away from the Repair/restock station the tether disconnects and stops Repairing/restocking.

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Even better if the theter just wasn't there, as it is just annoying in situations where you accidently flew too close to a repair station and it janked you towards it, while flying higher speeds.

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It would be nice to not accidentally get tethered to a repair station from a stray bullet or using 1 ammo

Being able to cancel a repair and rejoin the battle can be tactically useful

The tether already glitches sometimes meaning you are repairing and not tied up even if you go to the other side of the map

I think this is worth doing only if there is a way to make the repair stations entirely proximity based, so you can't drive by one and then have the repairs while fighting and moving away

Overall the repair stations have been a great addition for when CE isn't around or for 212th to restock ammo, could just use some tweaks like this

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We already have something in the works for this issue.





Credit to Loki for this.



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