Add more Jail Positions

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What your suggestion is: Please add more jail positions to rishi moon

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: At the min there is only 1 jail position so everyone gets spawned into a single cell. Please add the other cells as jail positions too so we don't have like 10 clones in one cell when we are busy

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I asked for this the day the map was added. Reason it wasn't added then was because none of us could figure out the correct command for it.

If the command can be figured out then i don't see any reason to not add this. It saves cluttered cells and makes it easier on staff to see who LTARPed as they won't all be bunched together.

Plus them being in 1 cell makes them more mingey so it doesn't ever help. 

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not hard to do i can do it in very little time.

All tho i dont know how the jail system decides which cell to put them in or is it random or does it perfer the first one

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I think it's pretty clear that adding more jail positions should be a no-brainer, we have a lot of prison cells, so why not use them. Besides, this should be able to be added fairly quickly as it only requires a Super Admin to perform a singular command, don't quote me on this though as the Jail system used on Clone Wars might not be so similar to DarkRP as I think.

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Would be a very nice change, also it gets very annoying when we have like 10 minging CTs and you can't talk to admins that have to be called when you put them next to the jailer as they are all screaming.

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Not that I don't like the idea, I've already done this in the past. Unfortunately it still only utilizes the first cell.





Credit to Loki for this.



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