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Unbun request CT LCPL Xander Oudt

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My In-Game name: CT LCPL Xander Oudt

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198262789212/

Steam Name:  jaimy-oudt

What is the reason for your ban: First my reason was ARTP(or whatever it's called, idk the word) for 2 days bcs i was leaving the scene and i did not know they still were following me to a different room.

then i logged on later that night and saw i got banned for that.

so i searched up the discord server and asked why i got banned for artp and explained. and i got kinda upset that i got banned for this reason even though i did not know they were still following me trying to arrest me. so i said something about IP sniffing on discord. and they are miss understanding it with DDOS threathening( which it clearly isn't! If you don't believe me search the definition of IP sniffing.).  and today i just logging in to see if i'm unbanned again and now i see i'm banned forever.

also got banned from the discord server(name:jaimyjojo). bcs of what i said which got me banned forever on discord and on the gmod server.

How long were you banned for: First it was 2 days(for artp) and then i said something which made it forever.

Name of the staff member who banned you: discord: henk, gmod: dutchdavin

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: i was upset and said something stupid. also there was a mis understanding with me and the staff who banned me. wasn't DDOS threathening btw. just so you know. 

pelase unban me! it will not happen again 🙂

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Whether or not it was a joke, saying stuff like this is pretty serious. I'm pretty certain IP Sniffing is only legal on Private Networks (Correct me if I'm wrong) and can still be quite significant. As well as this, you don't seem particularly apologetic given the potential seriousness of the situation, you only seem to be stating there was a misunderstanding and the people that banned you are wrong.

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Making any sort of Cyber Security threat isnt taken lightly, and this isnt just on Werwolf gaming. If you made any threat about trying to get IPs then you will be banned, regardless if you do or dont.. And sure, you didnt make a clear indication that you would preform a DDOS attack, however the most common attacks on an IP is a DDOS attack, so it is only clear to put it down to that seeming as its so simple and easy too do.

Coming from a guy who does Cyber Security, its a pretty shit threat to make and I bet you cant even save a Word Document by yourself, let alone DDOS anyone or get anyones IP without a guy from India telling you how to do it on a Youtube Video.

Glad to see you gone,

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sure... @Breatoking XD. btw i don't think this forum is meant to roast people LOL. but just to make you happy i will say that i need a guy from india hahaha 🙂.

Also a threath is saying you going to do stuff like for example: i'm going to DDOS you. And i clearly didn't say that anywhere!

@Shepherd i only said it bcs i got banned for a missunderstanding. I think everyone will react upset if they get banned for something they didn't even know! especially for something so silly as leaving a scene.

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Huge -1

Now you keep reiterating saying that you where not actually implying that you wanted to DDOS him, fine... But none the less, you did say that you had his IP address which is basically Doxing, which has the same exact punishment as DDOS threats. No matter what, you still broke a pretty severe rule. I told you in the discord server to appeal your ban, as you said you was unhappy with it, but instead you told me that you don't care about the ban and went on to say that you were sniffing Henk's IP address which is completely unacceptable. Besides, if you were to get unbanned, what keeps you from trying to do the same thing again out of spite as you really don't seem to be apologetic in any way.

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Per Malware Bytes on the definition of IP Sniffing or a Sniffing Attack: 

What is meant by “sniffing attack”?

A sniffing attack involves the illegal extraction of unencrypted data by capturing network traffic through packet sniffers. They are used by cybercriminals to steal customer data and compromise network security.


In this day in age, Cybersecurity is vital. Joke or not you shouldn't mess with things like that. 


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First of all, the first ban wasn't any form of abuse. You left while in an active CG chase. I know as I was in discord. You then proceeded to go to discord to argue this ban which isnt the place that should of been done. Then somehow bring up IP sniffing?

As someone who does a lot of Computer Science I can say with confidence that IP sniffing is not legal in any means. It involves the illegal extraction of data which can then lead to things likes a denial of service attack. 

In conclusion, I think the audacity of you making this post is completely offensive. You don't just mention IP sniffing when disputing a ban without it being a threat so what were you expecting? No reaction?

completely stupid.

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you can say whatever you want but the first ban which lead to the second ban was a complete dog shit reason. people keep mentioning that i left by an active GC chase but i did not even know he was following my ass XD i don't have eyes at the back of my head( although it would be handy like this kind of stupid ban reason!). 

people are to serious these days XD! can't have fun or you get banned for dumb reasons smh defo need to make the server more relaxed and chill. And i defo don't feel sorry for anything i said bcs i did not say anything bad, it's just in your mind! people who think IP sniffing is DDOS threathening are actually stupid and dumb IRL LMAO.

i don't feel like i'm getting unbanned anytime soon but hope THIS SPECIFIC server gets banned from gmod just like how they banned all hogwarts servers 🙂  GMOD without starwars rp would be good hahaha

below here a nice gif:

Rick Astley Pixel GIF

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7 minutes ago, Xander Oudt said:

And i defo don't feel sorry for anything i said bcs i did not say anything bad, it's just in your mind! people who think IP sniffing is DDOS threathening are actually stupid and dumb IRL LMAO.

Gaslighting 101, "its just in your mind". Also, threatening to pull someones IP is in term, a DDoS threat and I would have perceived it the same way.

You also knew CG were chasing you as you ran away from them and quickly disconnect.

I am only a player on this server, but I can say with confidence I am glad I will never see you on the server again. Pure immaturity and ignorance.

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@Xander Oudt Honestly sounds like you need to cope with this situation

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Ye... With that last comment you are really not getting unbanned. 

Correct me if im wrong tho, werent you the guy that kept saying the server was shit few days ago? 

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Breatoking summed it up quite well. I'm not aware of a method that allows you to get someone's IP via the use of a packet sniffer, however you're clearly not apologetic for any of your actions. Your replies in this thread have done you a lot worse then if you had just left it.

The community has spoken above, reapply in the future with a better appeal (and don't call members of our community stupid when they play a part in getting you unbanned).





Credit to Loki for this.



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