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In game Name: Matt Feeney

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:433832900

List of warns: 4. One for breaking NLR, 2 for FDA and another for Stretching Cuffs. None recent.

Any previous or current staff experience: Current Moderator on SCP-RP. I have moderated on various Discord servers and Garry's Mod DarkRP servers as well as an SCP: Secret Lab server. I currently (in 3 weeks) have 1200 claims and 44 staff on duty hours.

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): You should pick me because I am a loyal member to SCP-RP and am very trusted by the staff-team. I have been in and witnessed many events by all; Cale, Xunt, Andrew Logan, Christof, Joshy and would like to implement in my opinion (and others), the best and most enjoyable parts will still making an event feel unique and not like an RDM fest (TDM, FFA) or a run around the map for 50 minutes running and gunning for nothing.

I am very experienced with E2, Wire, GMOD Tools and Configurations, my skill alongside my knowledge of good events would allow me to make an event enjoyable for all (not just an A-1/O5 event which results in a gun vendor giving the O5's Mini-guns) and would give rewards/decent experiences for most if not all classes within reason. I have the patience to do such events as I can spend days building/coding the same thing, over and over again until I get the satisfaction I need to get the best out of what I put in, I've always dreamed being apart of the event team ever since Christof was "apprehended" from the staff team.

My events listed below are just the minimum to what I can really achieve, I have shown John Cale one of my event plans a while back and he was really onboard with the idea so I believe I have the consistency to join the staff team and make unique events for all. (The one I showed him was SCP-938).


Your event plan: Various plans listed here..



Description: SCP-938 is a predatory electrical entity. The entity appears to exist as electrical potential of intensity similar to that which accompanies a moderate electrical storm; SCP-938 frequently travels with such storms. It enters electrical grids through lightning strikes, often causing a temporary loss of power. Upon infiltrating an electrical grid, SCP-938 typically selects a single occupied structure to monitor. While dormant within power grids, the only known indication of SCP-938's presence are anomalous readings by devices sensitive to electromagnetic fields (see below).

SCP-938 becomes active upon an electrical storm entering within approximately five kilometers of its current location. Its behavior during this period of activity is characterized by interference with the function of electrical devices (see below) aimed at attracting the attention of individuals within the building. Individuals which attempt to interact with affected devices are electrocuted; in all but two recorded instances, this has resulted in the immediate cessation of all neural impulses. In the aforementioned two instances, only the victims' hearts were stopped; both were successfully resuscitated, and both experienced long-term deleterious effects attributable to SCP-938's assault. See Addendum 11-16-1987 for further information.

Shortly afterward, SCP-938 returns to the atmosphere as lightning, rapidly dissociating to electrical potential and returning to its free state. SCP-938 has on at least one occasion vacated an occupied structure without attempting to attract the attention of its residents or visitors, and twice after (successful) efforts which appeared aimed at attracting the attention of singular individuals.

First of all: I will show you my custom material used for the model:



This old AR Saker Droid model alongside my custom e2 code to give me an animated glowing electric material ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The Breach of SCP-938.

First things first an SCP CC will be built in 913'S OLD CC, (which is currently being built and will include containment rules and how to recontain (info will be crucial for later)). Over the course of an hour or so before the event starts sparks will begin to appear in the cc and get more violent, and by the 55 minute mark SCP-938 (me) will be looking at the glass. I will then have a flash of bright light blinding the people watching (a lamp set on a numpad input) and by the time the flash is over ill be cloaked ready to cause havoc in the facility.

It will start with a simple few electronic malfunctions - first things first communication channels will get jammed, where they display a mesh of random characters. From the comms jamming, a few objects will be placed (these will be electronic items; tvs', monitors, lights etc using adv dupe2) which will be needed to be brought back to the cc. This info is stated in the re-containment rules which will reside by the cc if people take their time to read it. 

I will then be using the Electronic Manipulation SWEP (Diesel's) to begin causing havoc in the facility. What will happen is as I am shocking electronic objects (world props) like door control keycard scanners as well as players. Another admin will spawn in my electronic malfunction dupe in that area (we should be in a vc beforehand or i can do in cloak) and will produce similar things to john cale-s events, electric, fire and rubble particles everywhere as all doors in the facility open and rubble props will spawn causing mass disruption to the facility.

By now the facility will be in a panic, to make it more interesting - an scp will breach (using the force-breach we should breach 106) an easy scp to re-contain but will recquire teamwork and patience which will be hard when another SCP has breached destroying the facility. As nu7 focus on finding electronics,  e11/b7 will deal with the breach and it techs/engi work to fix the server to re-gain comms I will make my way to GA - making my presence known by an electric trail - can be done with e2 or advdupe2 and surface will now have its fair share.

It will calm down near the surface as I begin to cause havoc, blowing up stuff with the ElecManip SWEP and residing in the PD's PC systems - foundation must then attempt to breach the pd and the server room in the pd to stop the SCP, they then must deal with the information being administered on comms (which should be restored by then) and the PD asking them why they are here and who they are.

It's a quick and simple event that will be more visual and cause panic in the facility.


 One of my favourite SCPs. SCP-6782 (The Hitman") which will work as an anomalous hitman but comes with a price.


Scp-6782-1 is a “Nokia 3310 cell phone”. Upon activating it, Scp-6782 will only contain a phone number with the digit (316) 412-[Redacted]. Upon calling the number an adult male will ask the caller “Is it a job?”. If subject says no, the phone call will end. If subject says yes, a black smoke will appear near the subject. A man wearing a brown trenchcoat will appear (designated Scp-6782-2)

On the surface a phone will spawn (a prop with an e2 hidden chip+button) which should hopefully be collected by a GOI first. It will have electric effects on it to show that it is not a normal phone, if the e2 is triggered (the button), I will be teleported to the phones position,still cloaked, and will ask the player "Is it a job?". If they say yes I will appear in front of the player with black smoke preivously placed there using adv dupe 2 and wire thruster (invisible). I will then follow along, asking them if they need my services.

(The model used will be the old suit and hat model, like the ECM one but with a hat (could use pac3)). 

(to go invis i will use the Nobody SWEP already in the game)


After appearing near the subject, Scp-6782-2 will ask the subject “Who’s the target?” if subject gives a name Scp-6782-2 will tell its “prices”. After subject agrees to Scp-6782-2’s price Scp-6782-2 will then disappear via a black smoke.

after such interaction I will simply appear within 200m of the subject, so there's more of a challenge, and I am equipped with nothing except the Nobody SWEP (curtsy of Joshy) and a M9K Revolver, (MR96 could work), and will appear in front of the subject, before saying some catchy cliche hit-man quote before shooting them and imminently disappearing with black smoke and the nobody SWEP.


After 3 hours, Scp-6782-2 will then kill the person given to Scp-6782-2. After killing the target Scp-6782-2 will return to the subject asking for it’s payment. If subject refuses, Scp-6782-2 will shoot the subject. After Scp-6782-2 receives it’s payment Scp-6782-2 will then disappear into a black smoke. 

After killing the target, I will then come back after some time to the person who called the sit (A GOI) and ask for payment, if they refuse I will kill them (them only) and walk off. I will have a base HP of 2000 or Godmode to make it more immersive and a "oh shit he died event over immersion ruined". 

By my first kill, the Foundation will be aware of me and will have e11/b7/fa looking for the phone using anomaly scanners, it will then contest a war for an anomalous hitman, abuse of the phone will result in an increase in price - eventually the person who called the hit wont be able to pay for it and will meet their end.


SCP-507 (Reluctant Reality Hopper)

This would be an unpredictable event for many players as this event will be solely based on the lore and will have a nice balance of ResearchRP and CombatRP - (I will have a dupe for teleportation ready - an invisible block with lightning effects and particles that will spawn before I uncloak. Alongside that weird ball of plasma that brightens and blinds people temporarily) I will first spawn in an office or ez cells (probably O5s or SD's office) and act confused as to my situation and location, I will drop a notepad with a copypaste of my containment description and procedures, make it seem as if i dropped it, adding to the small passiverp aspect people enjoy. 

Throughout times I will randomly teleport (cloak) to another dimension, if people are near they will teleport with me, such locations include: 

  • an scp facility built in event room (already built - to an extent)
  • the dark island room (but will be filled with objects)
  • more smaller locations in the event room including a nice looking neighbourhood (again - pretty much built)
  • and many more when the idea is more thought of.

When returned I will bring back various objects:

  • If I teleport to the trenches (can build easily) then I will bring back a ww2 weapon and will drop if for an Alpha-1.
  • If I teleport to the facility I may bring an zombie NPC.
  • I may teleport to an abandoned facility and bring back an electrical fault (which I'll describe when I return back) and will result in a breach or two as well as lights turning off.

The possibilities for this SCP are endless and I would like to experiment with this idea.


SCP-006 "The Foundation Of Youth"

I will have a fountain built and It will be placed in a challenging spot for the Foundation to protect/cover such as the bank, due to how open the area around it is. I will start with small signs such as whispering and noises made from e2/sound emitters or even my voice as I stalk the O5 while cloaked, giving him clues about something being near the bank, if he doesn't take the hints, visual queues will happen, such as black smoke spawning with more audio queues and even haunting other players such as field agents or the SD.

Upon entry of the bank, it will be locked and foundation will have to lockpick it and explore the bank, which will be covered in particles and black liquid like effects, topped with rocks and a waterfall like prop at the back. The aim is for a CL4-5 Personnel to touch the fountain.

The first one to touch the fountain will be given a HP boost (like in the lore), the second person will get a SWEP or a gun, something that makes them feel stronger, and then smaller requests will be fulfilled, if the wish is granted and the cup is drunk (water), the item/effect will appear on the player, if the request is considered greedy the player will drink "The Perfect Drink" and will perish slowly. If a CL4-5 Personnel takes a drink (O5 or SD) they will be teleported to the dark island room next to event room and then be given one of the sarkic sweps, turning them into a massive monster.

(before I explain the rest, let me tell you this, this event requires co-operation from the O5)

The O5 will return to the fountain after a couple "sacrifices" of certain personnel, mostly A-1 to show their loyalty and several others, and will appear healthy, when people come up to him, he will be silent, almost motionless, before using the swep to turn into some sort of monster (he will get a small hp boost and possible size upgrade too) and will be passive/agressive. They seem passive until someone provokes.



Smaller events during downtime or when the facility doesn't quite have the numbers for a larger event.


1. D-9341

Simple, I will play as a classd (event job so i can spawn in props) but will have my e2 fitted in with a spawn point (which will allow me to respawn where I last died - allowing me to not have NLR and am able to keep items I died with. This is a small ResearchRP only job, will not be used for CombatRP.


2. SCP-1609 "The Angry Chair"

As based on lore, this SCP will teleport to whoever requires a "sit down" (this will be called on comms beforehand and a containment procedures note will be near the chair when first spawned in). Sitting on the chair will grant natural hp and armor regen (up to 130 and 70) but if one person sits on it weirdly or attempts to move/shoot/break it then sits down, they will simply vanish and perish. (I will have a chair ready on AdvDupe2 with an effect placed on it which will play once then disappear making it seem anonymous).


3. The story of SCP-106

The staff will go to GA (with the american ww2 model on) claiming to witness the SCP-106 incident involving his dark planes and claims he found the whereabouts and it's over in the "abandoned facility". After some escorting he has a re-united PTSD trip with SCP-106 which results in his breach. This is more of a lore based story with a breach to top it off - quick event. A WW2 weapon or two may be dropped by the figure for Alpha-1 or so.


4. SCP ●●|●●●●●|●●|● Breach

A quick event that will be hard to monitor. I will stick around the zone i was last spotted in, if I hear or see anyone typing/talking about the figure in comms/vc/txt I will go to them and send them to the hidden area next to the event room, the island filled with a lake. It will be surrounded in gas which will eventually kill them (the ci scp grenade that kills after 25 seconds if in it for more than 5 seconds)

I would use the Replica Solider 1-3 Models alongside my e2 code to make my character in its entirety black so no features of me are present


5. SCP-4999

Every time someone dies - or is about to - I will transport them to the hidden room next to event room, laid out with a bed, telling people they are about to die. Having a conversation with them before the perish - I will simply slay them or so as I return them. A role-play based event that will involve a lot of teleportation.


6. The Nobody

??? Job - Being worked on


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Only negative with this is that you are using Christof's events as something positive.



The only thing I am proud of in this community is managing SDTF-191


I did the !slay @ when I was super-admin

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- Good guy

- Okay app

I'd like to see more larger scale events if you could create them, also personally I'm tired of the events where the whole site become a havoc, cause their is no passive RP (Referring to your first event.) If you could make an event that actually has a mix between good passive RP and good Combat RP I'm willing to change it to a +1, that being said, your E2 skills could be extremely useful .


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