Wesker Discord Unban Appeal

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Server you got banned from: SCP Roleplay Discord Server

Your name in-game: Wesker

Your SteamID DiscordID: Dababe Bob#5709 (UserID: 214354204624420864)

Admins' name that banned you: Unknown

Admin's SteamID DiscordID: Unknown

Why did you get banned?: Posted a NSFL image inside of the #anime-text-channel [channel].

Evidence(Un-necessary): I might be getting this part wrong but I don't think it's a good idea for me to repost the image on here. 

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

This is where I go on a long crazy explanation so prepare yourselves; 



I lost control of myself due to an occurring emotional breakdown that I was having during the time of the incident, which unfortunately resulted in me getting myself banned from the discord server. I originally wanted to direct and unleash my frustration somewhere else other than on WG, but combining both my deranged mental state at the time and the fact that I was actively seeing people in general chat talking about an inferior community known as CG, in a supposedly positive way, pushed me over the edge. Because, as you know, madness is like gravity... all it takes is a little push. So, after witnessing these people commit an act of player pulling (in my opinion) and being pushed over the boiling point, I just had to do something. But what could a normal pussy and psychopath like me do? Sit in silence and do nothing? And watch the reputation of the server be compared to and decreased furthermore? I was in a deranged mental state, like I said. To be honest, it almost felt more like I was having a proper psychosis event, rather than a simple emotional breakdown. So yeah, I unintentionally went rogue and became one of those typical degenerates that usually passes by for a short moment. 

There was a time when I admittedly resented this community and was an avid believer of all the negative rumors surrounding it. But that time is in the past now. I don't hate WG, and I don't want to see its downfall nor any of its servers.

So far I've been trying to undergone a deep reformation of myself, both mentally and spiritually, so that no one will ever see this kind of behavior from me again.


Considering how much of a "diehard Harland Loyalist" I proclaim to be, this is quite disappointing, I know. But it happened. 


I've let our leader down.

I'm sorry.


Anything else?: If being unbanned and given a second chance is impossible at this current moment in accordance with SMT's decision, then I would like to ask to be let on the server only for a mere few seconds so that I can boost the server since I desperately want to express my undying loyalty and support to WG. I don't want to stand by and watch "the end of the SCP-RP server". I want to see it thrive again. The server must prevail. It has to live on. Please let me boost the server at least. You can permanently ban me again after that.


😂 imagine bothering to make a list of your very cool ranks 😂

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On 7/8/2022 at 9:42 PM, Walter Alvarez said:


you mean alexander the great? he's swimming in a pool of money & tears rn i think


😂 imagine bothering to make a list of your very cool ranks 😂

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The behavior that led to your ban is not acceptable under any circumstances. You will unfortunately remained banned.

    Current Ranks                            Past Ranks
          SCP-RP Manager                                                IRP Manager
                                                                              IRP Event Manager

                                                                         CWRP Senior Event Planner

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