Unwarn appeal

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My In-Game name: Toxic


Steam Name: Toxic

What is the reason for your Warn: 2 Fail RP - (should have been a verbal) 

Name of the staff member who banned you: Ex Event Manager Zeref

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: i believe i should be unwarned due to the nature of the incident and i believe i was unnecessarily target 

Evidence: N/A

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It has been a while and will be removed ASAP

Current Ranks

ICRP Imperial Commandos CMDR  / Vice Manager 

CW 212th Colonel  Security Staff

Past T-RP/ICRP Ranks


Army Vice Commander

501st Lieutenant

Past IORP/IRP Ranks

IC DS Commando

IC SQ40 Commando

IC Temp Vice Commander

DT Vice Commander

DT T Commander

DT Medic Major

Shock Temp Commander

Shock Vice Commander

Shock Squadron Leader

Past CWRP Ranks

41st Sergeant

501st Lieutenant Colonel

CG Executive Officer



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