Lars' EP Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:
Wolved |

Roleplay Name:
Lars Loon

Teamspeak Name:
Lars (Currently Lar but will change it in a minute)

Playtime on the Server:
As of the time writing this, 2d 3h 48m
(Click for proof)

SteamID (
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:451173944 | Link:

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server:
Yes, I do! I was an Administrator on IRP, however I resigned due to some personal issues.

Current Age:
16 as of the time writing this.

I have 2 warns currently, however these are from IORP and not from T-RP however I expect they still count towards this. These warns were completely justified, I have however learned from my mistakes, and I was acting very foolish and like a complete idiot towards other players. 
Below you can find the proof of my warns with the reasons: 

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:
Yes, I do. And I think it works fine

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map: Tatooine

Enemies, HP, Amount:
Rebel Extremist | 400-500 HP | 2-4 EC's (depending on playercount) | rw_sw_a280 + rw_sw_dh17a
Rebel Extremist Brute | 300 HP | 1 EC | rw_sw_rt97c + rw_sw_dh17
Rebel Extremist Headman | 600-700 HP | 1 EC (trusted player) | rw_sw_a280cfe + rw_sw_cj9 + rw_sw_dual_dh17a

I'm not quite familiar with the weapon base so if the weapons are too overpowered, too many, too bad or whatever, I can always change them. I haven't gotten the chance to test them all, but I've tried to keep the weapons Rebel related.

Passive, HP, Amount:
Rebel Extremist Pilot | 200 HP | 1 (EP/Staff preferably, if needed a trusted player)

Imperial Execution:
After making an announcement like: /advert [RP] Unidentified ship appears on radar, rapidly losing altitude. The leading unit will attempt to contact the crashing ship via open comms, after multiple attempts of contacting and receiving no answer, the ship can be heard crashing near the town. The leading unit will order a group of units to investigate the scene, and will discover the pilots, etc. They will then call for some additional backup along with medics for the pilot, after discovering the contents of the boxes in the cargo hold. They will then be ordered to close off the crash scene and wait for a ship that can hold the cargo to bring it to the main base. They bring back the injured pilot and start treating him, he survives if treated quick enough, and can be interrogated if they want. After the rebels attack they will be ordered to fall back a tiny bit. After getting pushed back they are ordered to stop the rebels  who are trying to get back the supplies and advance immediately. They push back the rebels far enough so they are back at their compound and begin to setup defenses. While the Empire is assaulting the compound head on only a small number of units are ordered to guard the supplies and load them onto their ship. Unknown of the small rebel group that are sneaking past the assaulting Imperials, they get caught by surprise and the Rebels then start to load the supplies onto their own ship. It gets reported in and some units are ordered to go back and stop the rebels from taking off, and enough units can fallback in order to be able to shoot down the rebel ship that is taking off. The Rebels at the compound are defeated, and the supplies are safely returned to the Imperial Armoury. After all that the leading unit can decide what to do with the Crashed Pilot and the possible surrendering Rebel Extremists.

Event Character Execution:
Upon hearing the crashing ship with their supplies landed near the town, they scatter to their speeders and make their way to the crashed ship. They make it in time to catch them off guard and begin driving the enemy back. The rebel extremists at the crash site look if the pilots are still there and find one missing and the other dead, they call this in and proceed to look for their supplies.  Upon the Empire receiving more backup they drive back the Rebels before they can load in the supplies. They fall back to the Extremist compound and start to defend it, the Headman sends a small group of extremists to sneak past the attacking enemy and load the supplies onto their ship and take off, they do so and catch a few units off-guard that are defending the wreckage. They don't know it was called in that they are there, so they load in the supplies and take off, unknown that the Empire is already locked onto their ship and they blow up mid air. The remaining rebels at the compound can either die fighting or surrender. Up to them. And the captured rebels get brought to the base and hopefully for them, get executed.


Event Information:
An unknown ship that hasn't responded to radar calls crash lands in the desert of Tatooine. Upon landing, the Imperial Army is tasked to investigate and goes towards the wreckage. They find two passed out pilots in the cockpit area. Medics arrive and take the two to the Main Base to provide medical aid to them. 1 sadly passes due to internal injuries, but the other one can make it if the Empire can treat him quick enough. (To have some medical RP too. These should probably be props to make it easier, and not make it boring for an ec to be stuck doing that stuff, but one person should play as the Pilot who survived near the end of the event. Empire can choose what to do with him since he is part of the whole conspiracy which will be explained in a bit, but can also be interrogated to get the name of the Extremist Leader and maybe have a followup event if thats possible ofcourse, multiple outcomes) After looking in the cargo hold part of the ship they find all sorts of weaponry, chemical weapons, and other dangerous stuff. They also find a holoprojector and upon playing the recorded footage, a Rebel Extremist Leader (Which can be indentified by interrogating the surviving pilot if they want to.) can be heard talking about an attack on the Imperial Base on Tatooine, and to bring these supplies to a drop-off point in the middle of the desert on Tatooine. After that the crash scene gets closed off, and the Units at the crash scene can hear speeders rapidly approaching. Which will be the EC's (Rebel Extremists) arriving to the crash scene to retake the supplies. 
They manage to push the Empire back a bit, but the Empire then pushes them back to a barricaded compound and desperately try to defend it. Then while they are assaulting the compound, and then Empire is not paying much attention to the supplies. A small squad of  extremists manage to get to the supplies and load them aboard their ship. They are to be shot down by the Empire and the rebels defending the compound can then be wiped out, some might surrender near the end but what you do with them is up to the leading unit. They can do whatever they want with the Surviving pilot, for example getting info about this cell and maybe even get a follow-up event, or simply just execute him with the other arrested extremists.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: 
Sort of, I have helped before with I believe Onyx's first event, and with Bling's event. So 2 in total, however these were only the basic things such as leading during negotiations, and giving weapons once in a while, etc. I do still think these experiences are valuable due to giving me some idea on how this stuff works. I still have many things to learn executing an event-wise, but I'm more than willing to do so. But an event completely on my own, no, and it was on IRP so i expect things will be different now.

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:
The events I helped in, were pretty succesful in my opinion. What they exactly were, I don't remember, but Onyx's event was a Last Stand with infected I believe, and Bling's event was with goat models if that makes it any clearer, but I don't remember much about either events, other than me helping out where possible.

Do you understand the responseabilties a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:
Yes I do, they are the following:
They are expected to create and execute good quality events, and make it possible to enjoy for all players. They can also organise a PME which is more passive-focused in my opinion, but should still be enjoyable for all the players participating. They are crucial to keep the server active and fun to play, and is quite an important role in my opinion, but I believe I'm up to the challenge. EP's also have ULX powers, equal to Sr Admin I believe? So they can also help out staff incase they need help, or if there are no staff online or staff available they can also provide some help to the players making claims or are in need of some assistance. However this is not their main focus.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
Yes I do, I believe it's quite a similar process that new staff members undergo. But obviously a little different. But I do understand!

Anything else?:

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