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Alright , so i got banned like 8 months ago in a account cause i ran down 2 people with bus . I didn't even actually run them over . The admin said i ran him over but i had it clipped that in fact i did not . When i told him wait heres the clip he did'nt wait to watch just banned me for 8 months i think . I didn't try to unban . After 2 months i decide to hop in nazirp with a new account. Played for 3 days straight . No warning , no rule breaking no nothing . I held a police training . Later i wanted to join the army so icalled the admin and i told him that i already held a police training plus 2 trainings in my other account that got banned so could it be possible to skip it . He didn't care which account why or whatever . He just baneed me straight in my new account for 2 weeks straight which is kind of understandable by the rules . If its possible im begging for a unban since i love this server and im addicted to it . username : kreshnikukiqi1

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