ChizzyWith Da Glizzy

Unban Appeal

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My In-Game name: Generic Jedi 3

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:84853548

Steam Name: Chizzy with da glizzy

What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP

How long were you banned for: 5 Days

Name of the staff member who banned you: 
TK 4002 Vlad

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: First of all, I was never given a proper sit. I was brought up in the air and banned. I was telling a guy that he was running me over and technically it was VDM. As I am telling this guy, I get brought up in the air along with my friend, and we were both banned. We were given no sit, just outright banned. 


Getting ran over (Im not the one talking in the video):


Getting banned without a sit, warning, or information to why:

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We see why the staff member in question banned you however we believe there was some misunderstanding in valid reasons to kill someone. Because of this, we are going to unban you however we will be making staff aware and you will be given 1 more chance before a 2 week ban.

Please also read the rules so there is no misunderstanding in the future 


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Current Ranks

CWRP Staff Manager

Plo Koon

Sith Initiate

Past Ranks

327th Colonel

Head of Battalion

 Republic Vice Admiral

 Imperial Grand Admiral

CWRP Admin

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501st Vader's Fist Vice Commander

Imperial Commando DS Squad Leader

Imperial Commando Vice Commander S-12



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