Unban, ban shorten request

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My In-Game name: Mogus Bogus/Brutha Frugas(at the time)


STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:125120570


Steam Name: theamazinggoldfish0


What is the reason for your ban: Fail Raiding ISD


How long were you banned for: 3 days


Name of the staff member who banned you: Vortex


Why do I believe that I should be unbanned : Been on pain meds and just no lifing the server during my time being injured, sometimes I have my headphones off and yesterday after I finished grinding for the raptor I figured I'd go see what was inside ISD. I started lockpicking through until an admin tp'ed to me, all i heard was that i was to take my ship and leave after I realized what was happening. After leaving and accidentally vdming someone trying to get out I got warned for vdming and failraid. I just accept things like that as I don't really care to try fighting on the forums over a game. Today I tried doing the same thing because more imps were online so i thought it would be fun, after activating something I was frozen and the banned. I was never spoken to the second time when I had my headphones on, the ban notification just said Fail Raid, the server command and discord rules page link never worked so I havent seen the rules until coming to the forums on my pc for the first time. I think 3 days is a little excessive for messing up like this twice, just wanted a second opinion.


Evidence: Check the logs

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The server rules link has been fixed for a fair while now so I would highly recommend reading the server rules before attempting to false raid. You will be unbanned however if you are caught doing the same thing again the ban will be longer. 


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