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2 days ago I have been banned for ''prop spam'' in the 1943rp server. I remember it was like a head admin or something who banned me. but basically, I was just rping as usual having fun when out of nowhere an admin tped me and instantly banned me. I remember him saying you will get perma banned for prop spamming after he tped me and I didn't even get a chance to say anything. I was legit confused because I dont remember placing any props but then my friend (who i played together with) told me its because of a few props that I had placed a 3 hours ago when there were barely any players online and I forgot to remove them. I didn't even get a warning or I wasn't even told by anyone during those 3 hours to remove the props I just got instantly banned which I find very unrightful. I love this server and I would be very dissapointed to never be able to play again. If I won't get unbanned please at least reduce the ban duration.


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This is Star Wars Clone Wars RP please go to the WW2 Guilded server to request an unban on there

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