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My In-Game name: gubba

STEAMID: /76561198989377384/

Steam Name: #goonfregla420

What is the reason for your ban: 

I have just been banned permanently for MRDM at debrief with a ship.

However that was not my intent, it was to hover outside the hanger with the plane but it was my first time use one and am not familiar with the controls, I am not make a request to be un banned immediately however I hope you can see with my play time and level and the fact that I just got plat VIP I wouldn't want to throw that away I hope you can see reason 

How long were you banned for: Unban Said Never

Name of the staff member who banned you: Wanted

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Once again, Huge -1

Going over what you actually did I highly doubt that this was some kind of "accident" as for starters you as a Supertrooper dont have access to any sort of ship so you stole it from a RRM, you proceeded to aim directly at the debrief and murdered more than half of them there. Not to mention that you LTARP'd aswell. 

You should not get unbanned at all

(Here's a little clip for you)

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