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Zanexs false warn/unwarn request

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My In-Game name: GM SpecOps COL Zanex

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What is the reason for your ban: Not ban, warn:

Basically wanted  ran into the garage on Denon, which I was already in and he was being shot at. He grapples onto the very top catwalk and runs into a 1 way entrance room. I go after him, when I enter the room I don't see him inside, I whip my flamethrower out and start flaming into random directions, and eventually hit him. He gets uncloaked and he dies by FT. Then I go about my business

Name of the staff member who warned you: Wanted

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Again, unwarned: I don't think this is a valid warn since I have been running around flaming areas of the map in search of cloaked jedi. Again, the reason I found wanted was because I didn't see him leave the room he had just entered like a second before I did and it only had 1 enterance. 

Evidence: I don't have a clip of the event since I wasn't expecting a warn out of it but Wanted might have one since he warned me. Only other sources would be witnesses and idk if they count. I'll still tell who they are: Mel, Breato, pretty sure Spagh saw as well that I was randomly flaming areas


Really not too fussed about the warn, I just don't feel that it's justified since I have been running round flaming areas since before I ever saw wanted or knew that he was KOS/hostile

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I can confirm he was randomly flaming corners on Denon due to jedi spamming force leap and than cloaking and running away and sometimes doing that in-front of us meaning that the jedi could have been anywhere around us. 

GM are also know to do this just in general sometimes to make sure the rooms are clear of hostiles by quickly flaming a room to find "cloaked" targets or to see if it is empty without knowing if someone is actually there or not.

But if it is true that he saw wanted enter the room and there was no evidence of Wanted ever coming out of the room, it is pretty safe to guess that in someone's mind that they could be still in that room.

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