Garry's jedi event planner Application

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Steam Name + Profile link: Garry +

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou): Jedi Illusionist Rahm Kota

Teamspeak Name: Garry

Playtime on the Server:4w 1d 

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:612407250

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: Yes I have been a Staff Manager and Event Manager in Imperial RP servers and also Admin and Senior Event planner 

Current Age: 18

Warns/Bans: none

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: yes 

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: yes

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: It was an event on a pirate attack on a Imperial star Destroyer in which pirates raided the star destroyer to push imperial forces away from their planet of operations and forces were sent to board the pirates ship (used Dupe) and take out its power generators to stop pirates attacking the star destroyer.

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: Yes the responsibilities of an event planner is to create events for the community that they will enjoy and keeping it fair for both sides for enjoyment of both clones, Jedi's and Event Characters.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to
 create and host events?: Yes I understand


Clone Event Plan:

Create an event plan for clones, Event announcement, What type of enemies will be encountered. Keep in mind this will be used for your first training event. Make it easy to understand, be original and be creative(Use the Template):


Story for your event: Mercenary's have been Hired by CIS forces (because of the sheer amount of frontline battles they need some outside help )
and will be tasked with pushing republic forces out of the base so that CIS forces can rebuild their cyber centre to keep up with the strategic minds of the jedi and clones to finish the war they will attack From the main gate and will then push their way into GR taking the power offline and will then continue to hold the base and will also try to steal data from battalion regarding battle plans to try turn the tide for CIS forces and will try to deplete all republic forces within the Base.


Event Announcement for your story: Mercenary's Have arrived on anaxes to take back the base for CIS forces to reclaim their Base of operations be prepared for a fight!

Choice of map: rp_anaxes_defcon_v2

Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: Mercenary's , CIS needs some help due to fighting on multiple fronts

Mercenary Grunt, EQ: Westar 11+westar 34, HP: 1500, total: 2
Mercenary Brute, EQ: Scatter shotgun + westar 11, HP: 2000, Total: 2
Mercenary Jump Trooper, EQ: Westar 11 + jumppack, HP: 1500, Total: 2
Mercenary Leader, EQ: Westar 11 + scatter shotgun, HP: 2500, Total: 1

(eg. Pirates, Reason, )

Additional Characters: Mercenary leader (will lead negotiations)
(eg. passive character)

Republic's outline and execution: Battalion will inform troops that Their are an unknown group at Main Gate.
(e.g. "- Battalion inform all troops that an unknown ship has entered orbit.")

Event Character outline and execution: The mercenary's will be dropped at MG and will not attack until told to or negotiations fail.
(e.g. "- All Bounty Hunters are dropped off at the caves, they will stay there until further notice")

Jedi Event Plan:

Create a jedi event BASED upon one of the following P-EC scenario below 

- Grey Jedi Teidowan who prevented the Jedi order from stopping the genocide of a village. The Grey Jedi now must be redeemed by the jedi order. Write an event plan on how the Grey Jedi would be redeemed

- Sith Apprentice who seeks to resurrect its master with a dark ritual after he was slain by the jedi. The ritual required sacrifices of multiple lifeforms. Write a event plan on how the Sith could perform said ritual

- Mercenary Guerilla wanted by the republic for multiple murderers has been hired by a wealthy client. After a high ranking jedi within the order captured the wealthy client previously, now he is hungry for revenge. Write an event plan so that the Mercenary can kidnap the high ranking Jedi

Story for your event BASED on the option: The Mercenary Guerilla will be tasked with infiltrating the Jedi Temple using some Master Robes that he got from murdering a Jedi Master and will be on the lookout for the master that had arrested his client and will try to capture the unsuspecting master so that the mercenary's client will be able to deal with the master as he sees fit, (the mercenary can surrender and be questioned by HC) The mercenary will not be bribed by the jedi as the client is offering a huge sum of credits (around 100mil) and will resort to violence if tempted 

Event Announcement for your story: A hired mercenary is on a mission to capture a jedi master who had shamed his client be on the lookout!

Additional Characters: The Wealthy client (passive character) has 20k hp (ep plays this role) 
(eg. passive char or burner EC)

Jedi's outline and execution: The jedi will have to try and figure out who the fake master is before its too late and also try to stop the Jedi EC from taking their master with him, To prevent the master from being tortured.
(e.g. "- Jedi finds a camp of slaughtered civilians  .")

Jedi Event Character outline and execution: The Mercenary will have around 100k hp (depends on the amount of jedi) and will have also will get mercenary lightsaber and will get cuffs (to capture the master) and will go into the Jedi Temple with their disguise and try and isolate the master and capture them after they will have to bring the master to The scav camp where the client is waiting.
(e.g. "- Sith has sent an emissary to lure the jedi into an ambush")

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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Good Story High rank in jedi Active and knows alot about jedi

Current Ranks
  Mace Windu - DS Commando F-91 CWRP Senior Event planner - CWRP Discord Staff Manager
Past Ranks
CT 2459 - CE PFT MEDIC COLONEL CG Detainment Droid - Battalion Sand - Battalion Colonel - GM LT Colonel 5x Regimental Medic Jedi Ace CWRP Senior Event Planner Jedi Watcher 501st Colonel Jedi Paladin - Jedi Phantom - Jedi Beast Tamer Jedi Lorekeeper CWRP Jedi Event planner - 501st Gamma ARC Colonel Obi Wan Kenobi Plo Koon




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  • High Rank
  • Has been apart of many of my events and done well in them.
  • The story is good but could be expanded in some areas. [Republic and Event Characters Execution] Its clear you put more effort into the jedi event as that's what your applying for but you may need to hold clone events as well.

Overall, its a great application and great applicant. Good luck!

Current Ranks:

Battalion Major | Senior Event Planner

Past Ranks:

CG Executive Officer | CG T Vice Commander Exotic Weapon Specialist | Peacekeeper Battalion 2nd Lieutenant Event Planner


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Congratulations! Event Management have decided to accept your application. Poke or Message me or Breato on TS/Discord when you are ready for the Interview!

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