Appeal for Removal of Warning - Toilet Porpoise Incident

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Dear [Forum Moderators/Administrators],

I am writing to respectfully appeal the warning I received regarding the "toilet porpoise incident." I deeply apologize for my inappropriate post, as I now understand its lack of judgment and the disruption it caused.

I acknowledge the importance of maintaining a respectful environment on this forum and assure you that my intentions were never malicious. I have reflected on my actions and taken steps to educate myself on proper online conduct.

I am committed to adhering to the forum guidelines going forward. I kindly request your reconsideration of the warning and the opportunity to demonstrate my genuine remorse.

I value this community and its interactions, and I am fully prepared to work towards rebuilding trust. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,


I'm aware that it was a bit of a failRP, but I've learned for the better.




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