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Discord Unban Response

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Since my post was locked before I could respond, I had to do it this way since there is no other way to contact that man.


I don't remember well what happened but it definetely wasn't that kind of thing because I myself can't look at such graphic stuff, you must be refrencing that facebook live guy which I can say for certain that I didn't post. I am pretty sure what I had posted was a Jubba the sniper compilation of American soldiers getting sniped which didn't look graphic since it was filmed from far away. I also don't see what having me wait a bit more achieves, I already had to wait a few years so what's the point of a couple months? Another person who got banned for NSFW had just been unbanned so I am not sure why I can't get unbanned. I would like to see where you got that information that I had posted such a thing, maybe you had mixed me up with someone else?

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Denial was based off of the ban reason, plus the one joke suggestion you made for v7 showing no interest in taking anything seriously regarding the development. Your unban request also had little to no effort. Any other questions feel free to contact me via discord: blaster52



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