Mr Denny

7 Year service medal and Golden merit 4th class

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Name: Denny
TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: peo8m3GCPkiS3ZrpA58SKAZzVuE=
Requested Medal: 7 year service medal also golden merit 4th class

I used to be super admin in SCP a while ago unfortunately I don't have proof other then Howling Rex's word as he was there at that time


Current Ranks: ICRP Admin

Previous Ranks: Sith Sub-Path Leader, Battalion Lieutenant Colonel, 501st Vice-Commander/Lieutenant Commander, DarkRP Admin, Deathrun Admin, CG Colonel, SCP RP Super Admin. SCP-096, The Serpants Hand, CI Delta, IJAMEA, O5-3. Site Director, GOC, Echo-14, MC&D Salesman, Anderdon Robotics Robot, Sarkic Karcist/Vice-Manager, SCP-1048 (When WL), Head Researcher, MTF E-11 Commander, Ethics Committee, Church of the broken God Maxwellism/Orthodox, Harrow-23 Manager And NU-7


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