Scheppert Hypocrisy

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Your In-Game name: Richmond

Offender's In-Game name/s: 212th SGTM Scheppert

Steam ID of the offender/s: ( STEAM_0:0:60610722

Why should the offender/offenders be banned?:

I think it's perfectly reasonable to believe that 'Scheppert' has lost the plot.

To give you the rundown, Scheppert hosted a training for 212 in which a mini simulation map was spawned. the aim was to eliminate all the targets as quickly as possible. I took it upon myself to investigate the course to find the optimal route and essentially run a scouting mission inside. During my scouting mission, Scheppert freezes me (no idea how a clone has the power to freeze - fail rp) and tells me, 'You know what, I'm just going to ban you!' No warning was given about entering the simulation map.

I explained to him what I was doing, but to no success. The built-up rage inside was clouding his judgement, and he wasn't listening to anybody. He then, without saying another word, banned me for 2 weeks for the reason 'Minge, ruining my training.' I want you to now reread the situation and tell me how my training wasn't ruined by a minge. I took the initiative to explore the task. I wanted to succeed, and I wanted to impress. 

Later, I realised that he reduced my ban from 2 weeks to 2 days. This certainly highlights the unstable nature of him, he acted purely out of built up rage and impulse. He regretted his actions and saw that it was unjust. This kind of character isn't fit for any position of power as he has shown he can't act with precision and reason. I think it would be appropriate to ban Scheppert for 2 weeks, as that's how long he felt was the appropriate amount of time for 'ruining a training'. Although he felt so guilty and backtracked he should still face the brunt of his wrath to teach him that actions have consequence. It would also give him time to find his true self, as he has lost his sanity.

Thank you for reading. I hope you take the appropriate action! 

Evidence: (screenshots, videos) - Scheppert - Reducing the ban 

Anything else to add: "If you don't like the road you're walking. Start paving another one." 

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Dont really know sheppert but I do know you, if you are the same person I am thinking of.

1. you are a massive minge 

2. not only a minge, but a massive asshole aswell

3. i have not had a single positive interaction with you OR your mingey friends

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I am very sorry I have caused you this much distress, you truly seem to be affected harsh by being banned from CW for two days.

Regarding the in-game situation, you were mingeing, not following orders and just destroying the training dupe in the middle of the training. But yeah, sure, you were "Taking the initiative". 

Regarding the "Later, I realised that he reduced my ban from 2 weeks to 2 days. This certainly highlights the unstable nature of him, he acted purely out of built up rage and impulse. He regretted his actions and saw that it was unjust.

I banned you for two weeks because that it what I gave minges on the previous server I ran. I then looked at the guidelines for CW, according to this you were "Having no intentions of actually role-playing" which I believe was going on here. In the guidelines this is a kick first and a 3 ban after, however from trusted members of the community, I was told you were a known minge, so I skipped the kick. After which I reduced your ban to be more in line with the guidelines of CW, seeing I skipped the kick, I reduced it by a day.

Seeing I corrected the original two weeks to the one's in the guidelines, you can come and play on the server when your two-day ban ends, however not as the regiment you were in when you got banned, because they removed and blacklisted you for not following orders.


P.S. If you think you get unbanned unfairly in the future, post in the staff abuse section next time. 

Kind regards. Hendrik Scheppert.

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