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The Department of External Affairs


DEA is responsible for a wide spectrum of operations: planting disinformation, eliminating traces of SCP (both objects and the Foundation's) activity, D-class personnel enlistment, and recruiting new employees from military and civil institutions. The DEA is responsible for concealing the activity of Foundation agents and facilities in populated areas. DEA is essentially the front line of the Foundation as it filters all potential employees and is responsible for maintaining high standards among recruited personnel - this can also be called HR.

Note: The jobs O5 and ECM are mentioned several times throughout the document. It is unclear how they will be present in V7, (Such as through events and discord). Please take what is said with understanding on the circumstances at the time.


Roles of the Department of External Affairs, these are the different Departments of External Affairs you'll be managing:

- Administrative and Operations Bureau.


The Administrative and Operations Bureau is the internal section of the Department of External Affairs delegating some tasks to the different DEA/Field agents such as to focus on certain issues pertaining to the external matters; communicating with the other members of the Site Administration. Giving down orders to the different MTFs in relation to external matters, organising raids. plan other operations, such as the capture of anomalous items or Persons of Interest.

- Disinformation Bureau.


One of the many jobs of the Department of External Affairs is to keep the veil of secrecy; this includes spreading around false information, lying to GOIs for the gain of the Foundation, diverting attention away from the foundation and their Activities and goals, amnesticating Individuals who have seen or heard too much, spreading false evidence towards the general public and planting misinformation.

- Intelligence Bureau.


The purpose of this bureau is the tracking, capturing of uncontained anomalous objects and gathering intelligence on Groups of Interest. These tasks will be performed by your field agents and surface assets they are the frontline of the Foundation reporting in all the information they gather or receive, it is your duty to make sure the field agents and foundation assets are doing their jobs properly, giving out orders to them when needed.

- Recruitment Bureau


The recruitment bureau refers to the enlistment and recruitment of staff personnel, D class enlistment, or the usage of anomalous humanoids which are referred to as Omega-12. Persons affiliated to hostile GOI's may be recruited which are referred to as Sigma-66. You may use these Taskforce members are you see fit as they are directly under your command. 

- Job rules


1. No Combat Converting - rushing someone with the Nanite SWEP to convert them into Sigma-66/Omega-12. The person should be in cuffs before inserting the explosive.

2. Max 2 Omega-12 and 3 Sigma-66 units on Site. If you want to get rid of someone do it quietly and one my one. Pressing the detonation button will kill every O-12/S-66 unit.

3. You report to the O5 Council, but the SD has authority over you, this means his word is final, although if you feel like it was unjust or the SD just does not know what he is talking about, feel free to call an ECM/O5 member or try to reason with him.

4. You have no power to command any On-Site unit. This includes Mobile Task Forces. As long as they are stationed in the Site, you should inform the SD about any plans or raids before taking command of the MTFs. You may also get urgent Council approval if necessary.

5. You are not a combat job. When you order a MTF to do a raid, leave the tactics to them, let them plan the operation beforehand. Do not go on the surface just to observe what is going on and how the raid is going.

6. Limit going to the surface as much as you can. You are a member of the Site Administration. Yes you deal with External Affairs, but you are still a CL4 personnel with Administration comms. Do not risk your life for no reason.

7. When you get a hold of  an anomalous person, notify the research department first. Do not immediately convert them to Omega-12.

8. Do not use sigma 66 personnel to manufacture anomalous grenades AT ALL. Only percussion grenades may be manufactured for task force leaders, and healing grenades for any medical unit. 

Please read the following document for further information on the job, such as the loadout, ranks and concept of how the job will work on the server.


HoEA applications now only need your application with the following template. Please note you should be a trusted, competent player with good server understanding and roleplay capabilities. Community feedback is encouraged. It is up to the discretion of management and relevant roles on who is accepted. Good luck!

Application template:

In-Game Name:


In-Game Time (must be more than 5 days, proof required.):

Discord ID:

Experience in any management position, I.E high NU7 ranks, E-11 commander, previous HoEA or SD/O5?:


Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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