Archer's Junior Dev Application

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Is this a Junior Developer or Developer Application?:  Junior Dev


Server(s) within WG you have played/currently play:(include your highest IG rank for each/any and estimated time played) IE VC, IRP EP, IRP Admin, IRP HMO, CW Senior Medic, CW CE Colonel.


Discord Name: Archer

Steam Name: Archer

Steam ID: ( STEAM_0:0:431238619

Age when applying: 17

What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: England, GMT


What is your coding knowledge?: (i.e do you know LUA, have been a dev previously on gmod, work in a job in real life that involves coding, self taught etc. Please be as detailed as you can be.) I’ve been quite interested in developing for a while, taking part in Atlas’s Dev School Lessons (when they existed) and also helping atlas with other stuff, I also spend some time when I am bored messing around with some random ideas.


Why do you want to Dev for Werewolf Gaming?: I practically play IRP constantly, I have alot of free time and want to spend it doing something slightly more practical rather than sitting still, When I was previously helping atlas, I very much enjoyed it.


If accepted, is there a server you would want to primarily work on?: (If you have no preference, leave as N/A) IRP


If Accepted, Is there a developer you would prefer to learn from?: I would love to bully atlas again.


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak: Yes



                                                               Current Ranks                                       

  • IE Captain
  • IRP Junior Dev
  • IRP Event Planner

                                                               Previous Ranks 

  • Imperial Head Medical Officer
  • Pyke Syndicate Elder
  • T-RP Administrator
  • CE Colonel
  • Jedi Guardian/Consular
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- Has already got gLua experience
- Has already tried some fixes for IRP stuff locally
- Dedicated to IRP

CWRP Current Ranks: Jedi Elder, 212th 2nd LT, Reserve Medic

ICRP Current Ranks: Game Master, 118th Medic SGT, Sith Apprentice

CWRP Previous Ranks: 212th Snr Medic COL, 212th RB 2nd LT, Jedi Shade, 212th 501st LT, CT LCPL, GM PVT, Detainment Droid

IRP Previous Ranks: 501st (VF) PVT, IE EXO, IE Medic CPT, Vanguard 2nd LT

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+ 1
-  Seems to have a concept of understaindg with GLUA even if it is basic
-  Helped a senior developer already with things from what you describe
- Fairly interested to learn more
- Has a job already IRL involved with IT industry so

Present SCP Ranks:
SCP Developer

SCP Ranks Past
SCP Manager
SCP Head Admin
SCP-Head Moderator             
SCP-096 Co-Manager
Onerioi Collective
Ethics Committee Manager
Chaos Insurgency Delta Manager
Sarkic Manager
O5 Council Manager


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+1 Archer is actually not a bad option

Current Ranks
[ Community Modeller]

Previous Ranks
[SWRP Modeller]
[Discord Staff]


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- Decent experience
- Dedicated player
- Wish you'd show some actual examples though, since people would just have to take your word for your expereince unless they knew what you'd done

    Current Ranks                            Past Ranks
          SCP-RP Manager                                                IRP Manager
                                                                              IRP Event Manager

                                                                         CWRP Senior Event Planner

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