Tarken Starky

Tarken Unwarn Appeal

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My In-Game name: Tarken

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)

Steam Name: Alastor

What is the reason for your warn: VDM i accidently rolled the ship into my good friend CE DUCK and did not mean to as the ship was a bit janky to fly.

Name of the staff member who warned you: Pyro

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: It was a compleate accident and Duck also did not want me to be warned for this accident

Evidence: Have none sorry

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Hello, I saw everything go down and i do believe it might been an accident though you asked for it to happen since you were hovering right abow the gate and tried to get as close as possible. I will provide a clip from my POV without any intention to get you unwarned or staying warned just to make it easier for the staff team to make their decision.



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In my opinion this is a fair warn... You were hovering around quite badly for some time before killing Duck and tbh if you do that then you're obviously gonna get too close and end up VDM'ing them. 

Sorry but I believe the warn should stay 🙂

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I agree with camo you took the risk of flying to close. This happend it can be an accident but i guess it was a calculated one since you took the risk. 

In my opinion warn should stay.

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While the warn is technically valid, it is clear that it was an accident and as the victim was okay with it, I see it as acceptable for the warn to be revoked. Many players have gotten away with doing more, especially when it comes to VDM which is always are tricky case. It ultimatley depends on how the victim feels about it.

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If both sides wantes the warn gone then sure why not, +1


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