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ZEALS unban request

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My In-Game name: ZEAL

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) 

Steam Name: adamcoys

What is the reason for your ban: Max warns 

How long were you banned for: Perma 

Name of the staff member who banned you: don't remember 

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I received my ban around 2 years ago, and I have matured a lot since then.  I am aware that reaching the maximum warns is not a common offense and my ban was fully justified. however, it has been a long time and I would like to have a fresh start on the server. 

If I am unbanned, I would also like to request an unban from the Discord server 

Evidence: none

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While it's likely you have matured in the past 2 years, one glance at your long list of warns concerns me, especially as some of your warns include DTS, DTP, lying to staff and homophobia (amongst the 10+ RDM/ARDM warns). Personally for this reason I don't think you should be unbanned as your warnings vividly paint you as very disrespectful to the community and to staff. Besides, I'm not sure how you could prove that you've changed for the better.


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Maybe you have matured and you are ready to come back and so I believe. Now the problem is the reason for your ban, getting 30 warns without quitting before hitting the 30 max warns shows that you didn't care to much about playing on the server.

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I would probably have put this at a neutral and I can understand why others are hesitant to let you back as you have reached max warns which isn't easy to do, and many of these warns weren't exactly great. 

However, Not only have you waited 2 years, but this is also your second unban appeal, your last one was after just over a year of being banned, now you've made another. You seem genuinely interested in coming back so Id say letting you back on a 1 strike basis is an option that should be considered as some have been banned for the same reason and have been unbanned, so I believe you also deserve a chance. 

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2 years ago, I belive you should get a second chance 

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Yeah I agree with what Cheese said overall, although there could be a chance you have learnt your lesson you did manage to accumulate that many warns and some of them being quite serious.... 

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A person can change alot in 2 years , little harm in giving a second chance as well. 

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SMT thinks you should not be unbanned at this current time, reaching Max Warns means you had 30 chances and we feel you should not get unbanned yet

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