The death of the old medic.

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The night sky of Coruscant is lit with a grandiose amount of Lights from Ships, buildings and all in between but a colour all too familiar shines across the cityscape of Coruscant the light of the red and the blue....

It had been sometime since Former CE Senior Medic COL Cheesy deserted his post to avoid justice for his actions but all the less the hunt for him remains at large, it would only be a matter of time until he is caught out by the Coruscant Guard but to him that's all the more reason to keep on the run.

The crimes of this "Doctor" are numerous and too many there are to count but due to his experiments to use and abuse the unknown infection known to only the select few within the medical corps and High Command matter of  fact his experiments were authorised by one Fleet Admiral, but that's for another time.

Despite High Command's blessing that he continue his research it was only a manner of time until the press heard wind about a insane clone medic performing cruel experiments, Stories of Clone's being called to the medical centre and then never being heard from again but it's only some speculation..

But Command needed a scapegoat and who better than the Senior Medic who conducted it.

The Coruscant Guard's dropship's land and offload search parties for the location of this maniac, they had strict orders from the men they served under:

[Coruscant Guard Communication channel O/9K/SP] Fleet Admiral Breatoking: I want this monster alive so it can face justice in a military court!

[Coruscant Guard Communication channel O/9K/SP] CG Medic LT Fryer: Understood sir.

They moved methodically checking all alleyways for signs of the deserter, until they came to a locked building, The LT Called to the rest of his men "Get the battering ram here and make sure to clear the building nice and slow" and the CG proceed to do so but then.. *KABOOM*

*Several minutes earlier*

The old medic heard them landing he may be crazed but he is not deaf and decided to make his final stand, he armed the lower levels of the building with jerry rigged booby traps, explosives, and sharp objects while all the while he dragged his battle hardened DLT-19 out of his closet and began to open fire from a window above at the columns of CG below killing a dozen but as they begin to return fire he forced to move away and back into cover.

[Coruscant Guard Communication channel O/9K/SP] CG Medic LT Fryer: BREAK BREAK BREAK.. WE ARE TAKING HEAVY FIRE FROM THIS LOCATION *uploads coordinates* I AM REQUESTING MEDICAL AND A DROPSHIP TO GET IN THROUGH THE ROOF! *takes a breathe* No telling how fucking booby trapped this building is. We need some 212th here ASAP

[Coruscant Guard Communication channel O/9K/SP] Battalion LT Cholof: Understood units are enroute to your location do not let it get away.

The medic is busy patching up his wounds when he hears a new group of CG attempt to storm the building they all die due to the traps though as the old medic shouts " Catch me if you can " the Clones outside attempt to shoot up through the roof where they hear the voice coming from " Son of a- " they hear yelled from up stairs as they hear the now wounded clone taking refuge in the upper floors.

*20 minutes go by* 

A dropship carrying a small fireteam of CG Landed on the roof and the Clones rush downstairs in an attempt to catch the COL by surprise but as they move down the second flight of steps they are met with DLT-19 Blaster fire which kills one CG CPL and wounds a CG LCPL but shield wielding CG move to block the plasma bursts for their comrades but get nipped in the Achille's heel by a bolt and nearly fall but they mostly retain their hold.

The Colonel runs backwards to the furthest part of the building as he prepares to make his final stand 212th forces successfully disarmed the mines of the lower part of the building and they are now attempting to help out with efforts to recover the COL but CG LT Fryer remains in lead of this operation. They keep moving around the building attempting to find the COL, Little do they know the COL has no plans to leave this building.. 

They run into him but the COL is in no fighting condition, his helmet chattered, his left leg broken and his right arm is completely severed " STOP RIGHT THERE yells CG LT Fryer, The COL turns to face him, only one of his eyes are visible through what used to be his helmet " Everything I had faith in.. it was all just a lie " the COL exclaims " But I will make you suffer for how you hurt me, I WILL GRIND YOU INTO THE DUST UNTIL YOUR VERY BLOOD BEGS FOR MERCY, MY HAND WILL RELISH ENDING YOU HERE AND NOW! " the COL pulls out a detonator using his left arm and detonates a 1000lb bomb that was in the basement of the structure, killing not only him but the CG, the 212th and any civilians still not outside the blast zone

[Combat Engineers --> Operation Command]: A bomb has detonated no survivors seen from above, permission to RTB?

[Operation Command --> Combat Engineers]: Granted, CE..


Operation Pixie Dust Status: Successful! 



Hey guys this is the death of my Cheesy character hope I didn't accidently break any rules of this topic thing but I saw it empty and got bored so yea I hope you enjoy and yea 😄




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