Paradox's Discord Unban Request

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My In-Game name:

Discord: vengeance1.

Steam Name: Paradox

What is the reason for your ban: I think it was because I was being a troll on discord towards members of the community.

How long were you banned for: Permanent I'm assuming

Name of the staff member who banned you: Not Sure

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I want to apologize to anyone in the community that I have offended by my statement


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your apology is 16 words. Its way too short and you dont seem to take any accountability as well. If you are gonna ask for an unban atleast put some effort into it

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Without actually knowing what you did makes it hard to form a proper opinion. I can see you've been muted by discord staff many times.... and as Tasker says your apology is 16 words and probably putting a bit more effort into it would make us think you actually may have learnt your lesson....

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