Richards 3rd EP app

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Steam Name + Profile link: Spleens

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou):Richard

Teamspeak Name: Richard 

Playtime on the Server: 1 month 4 weeks 1 day 

SteamID (

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: no

Current Age:17

Warns/Bans: N/A

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:yes

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:No

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:Yes, To create enjoyable events and PMEs to entertain Clones jedi and ECs

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:yes I do understand

Clone Event Plan:

Create an event plan for clones, Event announcement, What type of enemies will be encountered. Keep in mind this will be used for your first training event. Make it easy to understand, be original and be creative(Use the Template):

Story for your event: a Group of smugglers have been creating tunnels under the Rishi moon outpost for the transportation of spice using explosives and they have blown a hole into RO tunnel and the republic will be sent to go stop the confused smugglers and the intercept the transportation of Spice as well as extract information on the location of where spice is being produced. 


Event Announcement for your story: Explosions can be heard from RO tunnel go investigate and stop the intruders and capture their cargo 

Choice of map: Rishi Moon

Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: 2 Spice Heavy (spice dealer)  2 Spice Enforcer (spice smuggler) 1 Spice manager (spice boss) And 1 Spice sniper (spice assassin- only if there is a lot of OS or 41st)- they are very versatile in the events they can be used in and is very good for various events 
(eg. Pirates, Reason, )

Additional Characters: Spice Negotiator-trusted user for the negotiating at the start 
(eg. passive character)

Republic's outline and execution: Explosions can be heard from the RO tunnel and battalion will send SF out to investigate and negotiate with the people their then battalion will inform SF to find where the spice is coming from (SF will have to hack a ray shield and they will find data on how to find the spice factories)
(e.g. "- Battalion inform all troops that an unknown ship has entered orbit.")

Event Character outline and execution: you were creating the final tunnel in your spice transportation system then you blow through into a random Tunnel then the republic will come and try to get you to leave then engage them when negotiations fail once they make into through RO to the open area I will put up a ray shield where SF will hack it and get vital data for your spice factories
(e.g. "- All Bounty Hunters are dropped off at the caves, they will stay there until further notice")

Jedi Event Plan:

Create a jedi event BASED upon one of the following P-EC scenario below 

- Grey Jedi Teidowan who prevented the Jedi order from stopping the genocide of a village. The Grey Jedi now must be redeemed by the jedi order. Write an event plan on how the Grey Jedi would be redeemed

- Sith Apprentice who seeks to resurrect its master with a dark ritual after he was slain by the jedi. The ritual required sacrifices of multiple lifeforms. Write a event plan on how the Sith could perform said ritual

- Mercenary Guerrilla wanted by the republic for multiple murderers has been hired by a wealthy client. After a high ranking jedi within the order captured the wealthy client previously, now he is hungry for revenge. Write an event plan so that the Mercenary can kidnap the high ranking Jedi

Story for your event BASED on the option: I will be using the mercenary guerrilla for my event - a mercenary will have a master captured and tortured  as per the wish's of the client but the master will reach out into the force and lead the jedi to this dead body in the mercenary's hideout where once the jedi arrive the mercenary will deny  everything till the jedi open up a room and engage him after finding the body and the client will reveal him self after the death of the mercenary and take the jedi on himself

Event Announcement for your story: The jedi sense the death of a master find him and get him to safety

Additional Characters: Rich client( who will take on the jedi alone (ep))
(eg. passive char or burner EC)

Jedi's outline and execution: You sense the death of a master in Scavenger camp its your job to rescue him
(e.g. "- Jedi finds a camp of slaughtered civilians  .")

Jedi Event Character outline and execution: you have been told to capture and kill a jedi master but then there jedi appear to retrive him
(e.g. "- Sith has sent an emissary to lure the jedi into an ambush")

Last question: W-E E planner

Anything else?: Thanks for Reading

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Current Ranks: 

MTF A-1 Agent | CI Reserve Manager | MTF E-11 Agent | HoEA | SCP Staff

Past Ranks:

SCP Moderator | MTF E-11 Commander | UIU Agent | CI Delta | HoEA  | MC&D Salesman |  Nu-7 SGT | GM SOF Colonel | Medic  x2  | 501st SOF Colonel


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Unfortunatly Myself and Uber have decided to close Event Planner applications at this time so you have been denied on those grounds.

Due to this, you wont have to wait 2 weeks to re-apply if we decide to open them sooner than that

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